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Chandrachur Singh: Struggle Of 9 Years And Career Of 6 Years

Chandrachur Singh: Struggle Of 9 Years And Career Of 6 Years

Chandrachur Singh

Bollywood has many come and go faces, but Chandrachur Singh is one of those faces of the 90s era that remains our favourite even today. Chandrachur Singh has always been remembered as a sweet and innocent boy from Josh and Kya Kehna.

But, those are not the movies that fully explain Chandrachur Singh.

Singh has a far-flung history that deserves to be told.

1. Chandrachur Singh was born to a politician Father and a Royal Mother, completed his schooling from The Doon School, and graduated from St. Stephens College (DU).

His father is an ex-MLA from Aligarh. His mother is a child of the Maharaja of Bolangir in Orissa.

Chandrachur Singh

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2. Singh, from the time of St. Stephens, wanted to be an actor, and just after getting done with his graduation, he came to Mumbai in 1988.

Chandrachur Bollywood career

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3. Singh started his Bollywood training as an assistant. He assisted Mahesh Bhatt for Awaargi (1990).

4. Singh, while struggling, made some contacts and finally got what he wanted, a film, Singh got his first film, Jab Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya.

Yes, but the film was suspended due to financial issues.

Jab Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya

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5. The suspension resulted in the loss of two more films to Singh, Saudagar and Bekhudi, which finished the career Singh hadn’t even started properly.


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6. Singh was pushed back to Delhi and became a Folk Teacher followed by a History Teacher at Dehradun.

7. In Dehradun, Singh got a call from Mr Bachchan’s office, who wanted to cast a new face in their brand new Productions.

And Luckily, Gulzar Sahab was also in search of a new face for Maachis.

Singh bagged both,

Chandrachur Indian actor

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8. Singh finally got a debut film, Tere Mere Sapne, but the film got delayed. Maachis was released first.

Maachis earned Singh Filmfare for Best Debutant and finally was on the verge of becoming the next Big Thing.

Singh was given work by Mr Bachchan and shot to fame by Gulzar, in the same year.

Tere Mere Sapne

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9. Later on, Singh appeared in Kya Kehna and Josh. He also signed a comedy film Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya. But, portraying the side and under shadow characters.

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10. Singh also rejected the crucial role of Aman from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Chandrachur acotr

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11. In 2000, Singh met with an accident while water-skiing on a trip, which resulted in the dislocation of his shoulder.

The accident became the reason why Singh was nowhere to be seen. Singh had to go under various surgeries. He also gained weight, which ate a lot of time and movies from his life.

12. Singh has again appeared in Maruti Mera Dost and a cookery show, Royal Rasoi, both produced by his brothers, Abhimanyu Singh and Aditya Narayan Singh, respectively.

13. The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Zilla Ghaziabad and Yadvi – The Dignified Princess became the last films of Chandrachur Singh.

Chandrachur Singh in Zilla Ghaziabad

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Chandrachur Singh struggled for 9 years for a career that lasted only 6 years.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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