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Chocolate Business Bole Toh Paisa Hi Paisa For Confectionery Brands!

Chocolate Business Bole Toh Paisa Hi Paisa For Confectionery Brands!


We Indians always look for excuses to eat something sweet. We put a mark of commencement only after saying “issi baat par muh meetha karte hai”. So, ye, we give an equal amount of love to all the desi and also, the firangi chocolates, hehe.

Be it meeting a girl for first, making up after a fight, bribing up your siblings, chocolates never fail to work! Toh der kis baat ki hai? Aao khulasa kare chocolate aur uske peeche chuppe business ke baare mein as these sweet-cubes that save & strengthen your bonds, comes with a cost! Let’s take a look at the flourishing chocolate business in India:

  1. Amul
  • It was founded in 1946, an original swadeshi brand from Gujarat.
  • Not only Amul doodh peeta hai India, Amul Chocolates bhi khata hai India. The brand offers a wide range of dark chocolates.
  • After facing a failure, Amul’s chocolate business soon grew. They focused on multiple things, including occasion-based branding!
Dark chocolate (Amul)
  1. Parle
  • It was founded in 1929, an Indian food product, ruling the food line as Kapoors.
  • It initially began with biscuits but now is also dealing with its chocolate business.
  • Friberg, imported chocolate from Belgium is produced under Parle.
  1. Cadbury
  • It was founded in 1824 in the United Kingdom but entered India in the late 1950s.
  • Cadbury’s chocolate business is the Bahubali of the chocolate business in India, at times becoming a synonym for chocolates in India.
  • It offers a great line of products, Celebrations edition, Bournville, Silk, Perk, Gems, 5 Star, and Dairy Milk.
Dairy Milk Silk
  1. Nestle
  • It was founded in 1866 in Switzerland but entered India in the late 1860s.
  • Nestle is giving kaante-ki-takkar to Cadbury. They are more like BJP-CONGRESS, i.e., true rivals by holding up 18% market share.
  • Kit-kat is the queen of wafer-chocolate lovers, promoting break-ups for no reason in its tagline: break toh banta hai. Waah, waah, waah waah! 
  1. Ferrero
  • It was founded in 1946 by an Italian named Michele Ferrero, mostly trolled for its difficult pronunciation.
  • Quite an expensive chocolate business brand (So, haan…crush ko impress kiya ja sakta hai iss se).
  • Kinder Joy and Ferrero Rocher are the SRK and Salman Khan of this chocolate business.
  1. The Hershey’s Company
  • It was founded in 1894, an American company, one of the largest chocolate-producers in India.
  • Want balanced chocolate? This one comes up with the perfect proportion of sweetness and bitterness.
  • This chocolate business has more than 80 brands around the world. Ye sachi waale heavy driver hai bhai…katei bade log hai yeh!
  1. Mars
  • It was founded in 1911 in the United States. This one is more like Ayushmann Khurrana of the chocolate business as the biggest variant producer of confectionery products.
  • Snickers is the most successful product of this chocolate business.
  • In any case, it still has more to achieve in India (like Ayushmann got to do outside India, maybe).

So why hold yourself from exploring these chocolate businesses more in taste, rate, comment and suggest the best chocolate to your crushes. Maybe it will work and you will have a chocolate date.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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