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7 Chocolate Ice Cream In India To Make Your Everyday Heavenly

7 Chocolate Ice Cream In India To Make Your Everyday Heavenly


What can be more tempting than chocolate, and what can be more chilling than ice cream? We know! Ice Cream containing Chocolate!

Check out these 7 chocolate ice creams in India, to make your every day of the week, a bed full of roses.

  1. Giani’s: Hot Chocolate Fudge

Loaded with chunks of tasty chocolate, this Hot Fudge Chocolate by Giani’s is loyal to serve and fix your Monday blues.

Price:- Rs 420

Giani’s: Hot Chocolate Fudge

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  1. Nirula’s: Death by Chocolate

Peeps, Death cannot be sweeter than this! Book your Tuesday-Nights with Nirula’s Death by Chocolate.

Price:- Rs 175

Nirula’s: Death by Chocolate

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  1. Mother Dairy: Chocolate Gateau

Mother Dairy’s Gateau Chocolate Ice Cream is here to fix your Wednesday-Fantasies. Filled with molten chocolate and delicious choco-chips, this one is sure to make your mood lift-up.

Price:- Rs 1000 (and above)

Mother Dairy: Chocolate Gateau

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  1. Kwality Wall’s: Magnum Chocolate Truffle

Choco Blast to savour! Magnum Choco Truffle Chocolate Ice Cream is what you need on tiring Thursdays.

Price:- Rs 90

Kwality Wall’s: Magnum Chocolate Truffle

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  1. Gelato: Belgian Chocolate

Gelato has won our Fridays. This Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream can never cease to overwhelm you with its oh-so paradisiacal taste.

Price:- Rs 79/Rs 146

  1. Creambell: Ice Cream Sandwich

Nostalgia anyone? This Sandwich will always be in-demand, Creambell! Make your Saturday’s grateful with this ever-so-good Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Price:- Rs 25

  1. Havmor: Choco Bite

What better than Havmor’s Frozen Choco Candy on relaxing Sundays to remind one that life is ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.

Price:- Rs 5

Havmor: Choco Bite

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So, are you enjoying life to its fullest yet or waiting for weekends to breathe life into your life?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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