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9 Must-Capture Gates In The City Of Gates, Aurangabad

9 Must-Capture Gates In The City Of Gates, Aurangabad


Known as the City of Gates, here are 9 Aurangabad Gates that you must capture.

  1. Delhi Gate

A Strategic Gate built by Aurangzeb in the middle the 1600s is located in the north of Aurangabad. It faces towards Delhi and is on Ajanta Caves, Jalgaon Highway.

  1. Makai/Mecca Gate

A Barricade to the West Mecca, it is around 6kms from the centre of the city, facing towards the holy Mecca. It is the only gate with a cannon attached to it.

  1. Paithan Gate

A guarding and royal gate leading to Paithan Town located around 56kms away from the city of Aurangabad, Paithan Gate was erected in the South. It was the most significant point for the empire.

  1. Bhadkal Gate

The biggest in the city, Bhadkal Gate is also called Victory Gate. It was built in the memory of a battle won against the Mughals in 1612. It is protected by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) as it is also India’s first column structural building.

  1. Kala Darwaza

A majestic gate made of Black Stones in the city of gates, Kala Darwaza along with other 5 Gates around the Fort of Qila-e-Ark is in ruins.

  1. Jalna (or Khas) Gate

Now demolished, it was a gate leading to the place named, Jalna. This Gate was Khas or Important as it was essential to the Fort of Baijipura.

  1. Roshan Gate

Named after the sister of Aurangzeb, Roshanaara, this gate stands opposite to the Khaas Gate. It is protected by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).

  1. Rangeen Darwaza

Attached to Qila-e-Ark Mahal, Rangeen Darwaza was the East entrance to the fort. It is today surrounded by greenery.

See Also

  1. Kat Kat or Islam Darwaza

Built after the death of Islam Khan Masshedi, Islam or Kat Kat Gate was made in his memory. Islam Khan was the favourite Governor of the Emperor Shah Jahan.

Do you know there were a total of 52 Gates in Aurangabad! That’s why it is said to be as the city of gates. Most of them have already demolished or are in ruins.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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