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Clamps Hai Toh Asani Se Things Will Stay Together!

Clamps Hai Toh Asani Se Things Will Stay Together!


Like honesty in relationships, Clamps are things used to hold the object to prevent movement or separation while working. “Agar ye nahi, toh everything is going to separate and won’t work.”


But unlike honesty, these were invented by a Pythagorean Philosopher and Mathematics about 400 BC. Today, like many other things, they have evolved too, and so, here is the list of clamps for your different daily uses:



1. Bench Vise Clamps

      These are usually used by carpenters and the metalworking industries.

      Parallel shaped jaws hold an object between them.

      Essentially used for activities like drilling, sawing, hammering, bladesmithing.



2. G Clamps

      Also known as C Clamps, these ones are made of steel or cast iron.

      It is believed that it is named so due to its shape and design.

      It is used for holding the wood and metal for the grip.



3. Quick Release Clamps

      Made for quick release and close at the jaw.

      A common purpose is to use it with one hand.

      3 types of quick release clamps: Lever, Spring and Trigger.



4. F Clamps

      It is a long vertical bar with two horizontal jaws.

      These are similar to G Clamps as one side is movable and another side is fixed.

      Basically used for glue dryers as they hold the object and helps to set the glue.



5. Angle Clamps

      These clamps are used at certain angles and joints.

      Typically used by carpenters and metalwork industries.

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      Usually used for making bookcases, frames and shelves.



6. Spring Clamps

      Also known as pinch clamps or hand clamps.

      Designed with adjustable jaws which can be set according to the object.

      These can be used for holding the glued object to get settled.



7. Lever Clamps

      Similar to F shaped clamps, one side is fixed while another side is adjustable.

      These ones work on a quick-release mechanism that allows rapid close and release of clamp.

      These are used for welding, drilling, and woodwork.



As a metalworker and they’ll tell you that clamps are life-saviours! It’s one of those tools which comes in handy in situations that involve craftsmen skills. Thus, making it a valuable tool to keep around the house.

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