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Clarinet? Looks Like Shehnai, But It Is NOT Even Close!

Clarinet? Looks Like Shehnai, But It Is NOT Even Close!


Welcome to the family tree of Clarinet: a large, extensive and probably the most important of the woodwind devices in the world of musical instruments. The Clarinet is a daily customer at every orchestra nowadays. As many of “us” still are unaware of the straight facts of this musical instrument, dig in:

1. The firstest Clarinet had just 2 keys in them. With gradual time, modification and development, this got into 17 keys by 1873.


2. Each register in the Clarinet has its name. The musical device was an ancestor of the trumpet, and thus, the range is very similar to it.

3. As many instruments evolved, our Clarinets are no different. You know from where and which appliance? Chalumeau. It was a wooden instrument operated at folk functions.

4. With Mozart and Copland trying their hands in their musical tools, do you know whose sole instrument is the most iconic one?? Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue!


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5. Clarinet (which was a woodwind once) is made up of high-quality African Blackwood. The woods used to manufacture Clarinets are becoming endangered, thus becoming an alarming issue!


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6. One of the rarest features of the Clarinet is its accessibility in the range of low-income groups and higher-income groups. It is available anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 250000

7. The Smallest Clarinet is available for special orders in France. Thanks to the company, Leblanc.

Smallest Clarinet

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8. Relatively, the Largest Clarinets are made up of rosewood or plastic. These are available by the very same company. (What we said?–“Thanks!”)

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Largest Clarinet

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9. Did you know that Clarinet does not have a spit valve!? All the spit and sweaty elements are removed each time after playing the players are done playing the Clarinet.


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As we can guess, Clarinet is an all-rounder and thus stretches a unique genre of music.


Also, is it not fascinating how we think in our limited space of mind regarding instruments and how different it actually looks!? *poof!*

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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