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Clé de Peau: Say Hi To The Most Expensive Foundation

Clé de Peau: Say Hi To The Most Expensive Foundation


Do you know, Clé de Peau is the most expensive foundation in the world! And here we have collected all the necessary details about this Legend Among Foundations:

  1. Clé de Peau Beauté Foundation comes in a beautiful diamond-shaped bottle with gilded additions.

  2. The texture of the foundation is like a tinted moisturizer but with really great coverage.

  3. The exclusive signature skincare ingredient Illuminating Complex EX helps in re-texturizing the skin while improving environmental skin damage.

  4. It feels very lightweight on the skin.

  5. This foundation does not look patchy or breaks apart.

  6. It smells of natural rose essence and also has SPF 21, which is good.

  7. It melts into the skin as seamlessly and almost effortlessly.

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Exceptional in its quality and sticking to its promise of radiance, innovation and charisma: Clé de Peau Beauté Makeup Foundation has rightly proved itself to be worth being called a luxurious cosmetic and foundation of the world.


A must apply before makeup, that’s all we have about the world’s most expensive foundation, Clé de Peau.

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