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7 Commonly Consumed Eggs, Loaded With Essential Nutrients!

7 Commonly Consumed Eggs, Loaded With Essential Nutrients!


Rich with essential nutrients like protein and choline, there are many commonly consumed eggs of birds & animals eaten by many humans every morning and for thousands of years. Ever considered how many edible eggs there might be in the world?

Here are the names and facts about some of the many commonly consumed eggs.

  1.  Emu egg:
  • Emu is a seasonal egg, quite popular because of its pretty bluish-greenish colour.
  • These eggs are 12 times the size of a chick egg, and thus, the second largest in size after Ostrich.
  • They are actively eaten by the Australian people because emu being their national bird.
  • One of the most commonly consumed eggs is loaded with iron, magnesium, selenium, and iodine. This makes them the richest in taste among all eggs.
Emu Egg, York Of Emu Egg

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  1. Chicken egg:
  • While thinking of an egg, the first thing that comes to our mind is an oval-shaped white (sometimes brown) solid structure.
  • It is the most common edible egg because it is eaten worldwide.
  • They are rich in zinc, calcium, iron, vitamins, and minerals and are mild in taste.
  1. Ostrich egg:
  • Widely consumed in Africa and known throughout the globe, this egg is the largest on Earth.
  • It is more or less similar to the chick egg in its nutritional value but is 24-times larger.
  • Its delicacy is enjoyed by many as its yolk and albumen are buttery in taste and texture.
  1. Quail egg:
  • Smaller than the chick egg, these have a white colour with brown spots on their outer surface and are the size of olives!
  • These days, quail eggs have become the favourite of many restaurants because of their notably creamy and large yolk.
  • Extremely rich in vitamin D and vitamin B12. It is among those commonly consumed eggs in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Asia.
  1. Duck egg:
  • These are found in different types of colours like grey, black, brown, and white.
  • They are a bit larger than the chick egg, as they have more yolk to albumen proportion (than a chick egg).
  • Their taste depends on the diet of the duck but is quite similar to a chick egg.
  • They are extremely rich in vitamin B complex compounds but still considered a bit harmful because of their high cholesterol and fat content.
  1. Turkey egg:
  • Not as famous as the turkey itself as they are rarely available.
  • They are extremely rich in calcium and have a creamer taste because of a thick yolk.
  • These are white coloured eggs with a spotted shell and are similar to a duck egg in size.
  1. Fish egg:
  • Commonly known as caviar, fish eggs are massively loved irrespective of their high price.
  • Eaten mostly on sushi or with crackers and cheese, they are very salty.
  • As small as the mustard seeds, their one serving fulfils adults’ daily requirements of vitamin B12, A, E, B6, Iron, Magnesium, and Selenium.
  • They vary from red to black in colour and are squishy in texture.

These were all the commonly consumed eggs that are consumed by humankind.

How many of them have you tasted?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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