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Construction Simulation Games To Be “Bob, The Builder” Of Your Own World

Construction Simulation Games To Be “Bob, The Builder” Of Your Own World



Construction Simulation Games are all about building and managing.

“Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!” Everyone can relate to this legendary catchphrase. Bob, The Builder, has inspired many kids to turn into an architect or constructor. It is always fun to play construction simulation games. So, with no further word-building, “aao jaane construction simulation games ke baare mein.”



1. Construction Simulation Games

Construction And Management Simulations are also called Building Simulators. In Construction Simulation Games, the players have to build things, be it buildings, amusement parks, apartments etc.



2. How Did Construction Simulation Games Began?

In 1982, Utopia, a strategic video game, gave rise to construction simulation games. It featured renovations, army control and more.



3. Role Of Construction Simulation Games In Education

This genre inspires those who have a knack for constructing and engineering. In fact, engineering students can learn things like design, structure, material and more, while enjoying a relaxing game with no worries of failure.



4. Use of Construction Simulation Games

There is a reason why it is “simulation”! Construction simulation games can help in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Through simulation, we can get the idea of the design, cost and material. It also helps in the visualisation of the project to the Engineers, Architecture and Shareholders.



5. Evolution of Construction Simulation Games

Since the launch of Utopia, the genre has seen a boon like many other gaming genres. Opposed to old 2D graphics, graphics and mechanisms today have enabled makers to explore 3D for a comprehensive gaming experience in this genre too.



6. Bridge Construction Simulator

It is a pocket-friendly mobile game. You have to build a bridge with given resources that can handle the weights of the vehicles.

Platform: Android, iOS

Developer: BoomBit



7. RollerCoaster Tycoon

Once in a lifetime, everyone has visited amusement parks. RollerCoaster Tycoon gives you the experience of making your customised amusement park. Construct rides and roller coasters according to your choice!

Platform: Window, MacOS, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

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Developer: Chris Sawyer, Frontier Developments



8. Bau-Simulator

Also known as Construction Simulator designed by the German Company, Astragon. You become a Contractor, taking contracts of the buildings, constructing with limited resources. You can buy the machines, vehicles, workers.

Platform: Windows.

Developer: Weltenbauer



9. Factorio

Factorio is a typical “baniya” game where you build and maintain a factory and overall business. You got to use your imagination to design the base of each factory.

Platform: Windows

Developer: Wube Software



Construct and manage your own dream city with construction simulation games! Also, let us know which game you enjoyed the most?

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