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Countries That Serve The Best Chocolate And Turn You Greedy!

Countries That Serve The Best Chocolate And Turn You Greedy!


Countries that serve the best chocolate in the world and serve you better than your lovers! For, all you need is love and here’s all the pampering: markets filled with exports & imports of chocolates.

And here’s the list of the countries that serve the best chocolate

  1. Belgium

“Bhai Belgium gye aur chocolate nahi khaai to kya khaak Belgium gye!?”

What makes Belgian chocolate unique? It has to cool at the end of the making process, which allows it to hold on more of its fragrance. 

Belgium chocolate is also almost handcrafted. This country serves the best chocolates.

  1. Switzerland

“Switzerland se banaa – Swiss Chocolate Brand.”

Another country that serves the best chocolate is from where we get Lindt. It is a famous Swiss Chocolate Brand. It can be purchased globally, anywhere and anytime! Also, it’s Swiss who can declare maximum chocolate consumption per capita – the average Swiss eats more than 10 kilos of chocolate per year!

  1. Ecuador

“Ecuador makes us Adore Chocolates!”

It is the country of South America. Ecuador is a haven for some of the best cacao seeds in the world. Around 5% of cacao in the world is marked as Excellent Aroma. Ecuador produces nearly 63% of it.

  1. United Kingdom

“Bury your craves to ashes with Cadbury–anyone?”

Cadbury is love love love, and yum yum yum for many–straight from the land of UK is from where it was originated! Cadbury is famous for having a high content of milk in its chocolates.

  1. Ivory Coast

“Cost is nothing when it comes to ‘Coast Chocolates.”

It is a country in West Africa. Africans eat less than 4% of globally traded chocolates. Also known as the lead in the making and transporting the cocoa seeds, the country has produced its own chocolates as the region continues to preserve and endure budgetary growth.

Cocoa Chocolate

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  1. Italy

“It is about allying with It-aly when you got choco-lust.”

The most famous chocolate producer in Italy is Amadei. They obtain their cocoa directly from producers. Italians also like using chocolate in their pastries.

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7. United States

“Us need to get back to us with the US Chocolates.”

This country is the world’s biggest manufacturer of chocolate. In the United States, there is the constant use of peanuts and almonds. In fact, there are various artisan chocolate stores all over the country!

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get until you order and receive and unbox it! With the above 7 countries that serve the best chocolates, get yourself ready to bring some of the best ones home soon!

Also, once you are done with “firangi swaads,” try some of the chocolates made in India and distributed globally! What about beginning from Amul Cacao Chocolate?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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