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Crashing First Date Expectations of a Bollywood Buff

Crashing First Date Expectations of a Bollywood Buff



If your first date hopes are like, every Bollywood geek is very high! Read the article for a crashing experience!


1.    On your first date, you thought he would look like Shahrukh Khan when he knocked on your door. While your head was making a wedding mood board, remember the text he just dropped telling that “he will see you at the cafe.”


2.    You reach the cafe, expecting him at the door with a bouquet of chocolates. Instead, you find that even your name on the waiting list is wrong!


3.    After struggling finally, when you make it to the table, you relax a bit when you see the roses at the centre of the table only to turn around to see roses on every table.


4.    While you expect him to arrive dressed as formally as Sidharth Malhotra on your first date, he shows up wearing bohemian shorts!


5.    Then you find out that his words are smooth as butter with a voice just like Ali Zafar.


6.    He starts to order and orders Kale Salad for you while all you can think of is ” Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na kale toh me khati na.” How to tell him how much you hate kale on your first date!


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7.    While you lose yourself in his dreamy eyes, the glass slips from your hand and stains your white top with red wine.


8.    Then you look forward to sharing “ben & jerry’s Belgian Chocolate Icecream” However he tells you that he is full. Don’t give up on your first date!


9.    When the bill arrives, you expect him to say “main hoon na.” but he brings out his calculator, don’t be sad! Because he believes in equality.


Even with everything going wrong on the first date, Don’t forget the Bollywood mantra that you will find your soulmate at the most unexpected! 

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