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Crazy Ice Cream Flavours To Fun-up Your Taste Buds!

Crazy Ice Cream Flavours To Fun-up Your Taste Buds!


What do crazy ice cream flavours sound like? Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Bar Harbor, supplies Lobster Ice Cream.

Dig down to the following crazy ice cream flavours to be more surprised:

  1. Horseflesh Ice Cream: Tokyo’s speciality, it seems. Its flavours include raw horseflesh, octopus, squid, yakisoba and salted horse tongue in Namco Namja town, Tokyo.

  2. Pickled Mango Ice Cream: This ice cream is presented by Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Ohio. It comes with a spicy mango sauce of white balsamic vinegar, white pepper, allspice, and clove. It won’t hurt to have it.

  3. Buttermilk Ice Cream: Another of the crazy ice cream flavours found in Little Rock, Arkansas, at Loblolly Creamery. And you thought buttermilk only came in one form!

  4. Goat Cheese Beet Swirl Ice Cream: Ah! Action-sweet crazy ice cream flavours from Denver offers roasted beets with tangy goat cheese.

  5. Cheeseburger Ice Cream: Mixing burger meat with cheese and fries makes up this flavour. Think also of ‘spaghetti and cheese.’ You can find one in Meridia, Venezuela, at the Heladeria Coromoto.

  6. Catching Fire Ice Cream: The Ice Cream Store at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, presents a tiny real scorpion at the top. Well, that explains how fire’s caught!

  7. Les Bourgeois & Ghirardelli Ice Cream: This dark chocolate and wine ice cream are one of the best-selling crazy ice cream flavours at Sparky’s in Missouri.

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  8. Olive Oil Ice Cream: At Bent Spoon, Princeton, New Jersey, paired with rich olive oil is a nutty-fruity flavour.

  9. Cheetos Ice Cream: The Big Gay Shop in New York has mixed Cheetos with ice cream for a quick treat. And so it entered our crazy ice cream flavours list.

  10. Chokecherry Ice Cream:  Pride Dairy in Bottineau, North Dakota, sells delicious berry ice cream, a pure delight, and must-explore crazy ice cream flavours!

A delicious cone of ice cream can lift your spirits whenever you feel blue. But these crazy ice cream flavours are magical as they will make you forget your blues, taking you in either delight, surprise or shock!

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