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Dekh Bhai, “Crush” Ko Samajhne Mein No Rush!

Dekh Bhai, “Crush” Ko Samajhne Mein No Rush!


Now, what’s Crush and Crushing on or over someone?


Well, almost every one of us has that, ‘You give me butterflies inside, inside and I…’ feelings at least once in our lives, right? At times, you are not able to define it properly, but it’s like, your heartbeat gets faster, eyes feel heavier, temperatures rise up, and the violins…


‘Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam, pyaar hota hai deewana sanam…’ starts playing in the background.


So, what is exactly happening to you is a serious question to ponder upon now! If feeling all this can explain a Crush…Noooo! Then what is the most generalising definition of Crush?


“Fikar not bandhu! Yahan har sawal ka jawab milega:”

  1. Crush Is Creating A Fictional Space
  • Crush is not specific to an individual. It may be a place, an ambience or even weather! Because all we assert peace in that surrounding. So yes, one way of defining it is when you feel at Ease & Peace.
  • This kind of feeling can be explained more aesthetically. It is like a state of being where you are standing on a cliff. You are looking at the valley, marvelling: “how beautiful,” without even realising that if you lean over a little too far, you are going to fall!
Crush Is Creating A Fictional Space

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  1. Crush Is A Surface-level Love
  • Having a Crush on a person is a kind of attraction or even infatuation that does not last for too long, though it is a good feeling but can end soon.
  • It is just a feeling that does not go very deep in the heart but still touches the surface, makes you blush. So, it is kinda surface-level love.
Crush Is A Surface-level Love
  1. Crush Only Hints Love
  • Crush is something where you love the idea of loving the person, someone that always catches your eyes when around.
  • You are not in an actual state of love with them (which is a much more profound and freeing experience in actuality).
  • Nonetheless, the idea of being in love with the Crush is so delightful that you hand over your commitment to this person without getting committed.
Crush Only Hints Love

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  1. Crush Is Personality Driven
  • Having a Crush on someone is not just driven by their looks or appearance.
  • Sometimes it comes out of their personality, words and actions that make us praise their presence.
  • Sometimes it is only like: ‘Tum aagye ho, noor aa gaya hai.’
Crush Is Personality Driven

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  1. Crush Is A Nevermind Thing
  • At times you develop a Crush to distract yourself from other things. Like, when they even actually initiate a conversation with you, it turns out to be a nevermind one.
  • You just want them to be around, maybe due to their vibes or just because of your own idea of appreciation.
Crush Is A Nevermind Thing
  1. “But hey, I like to talk to her…” Well, Yes, Crushing Has Types!
  • At last, it is between two human beings, right? And people, their bonds, are not always predictable.
  • It totally depends on your friend circle how you define a Crush.
  • If you have “average” or “normal” people around–then you can relate a Crush with a boy or girl. But if you vibe with the “Manali Trance” crowd, then Crushing stuff might be different, but better be safe from NCB’s raid!
"But hey, I like to talk to her..." Well, Yes, Crushing Has Types!

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  1. Random Eye Contacts With Crush
  • Introverts or shy people would relate to this kind of Crushing more. ‘Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adayein hai…’
  • Yes! Random eye contacts with a stranger can make us Crush them at times. 
  • Ever felt those syncing of eyes that makes the heart pump out of your chest? Well, yes, yes, yes…we know that feeling is so raw and real and innocent and what not…but fir society “Hi” bol deti hai.

Anyways, so now you can know if you are actually attracted to a person, in love, or just Crushing over someone. Also, instead of calling every other person your Crush, try to really value this unique kind of emotion. At the same time, do not get yourself fooled by ek tarfa pyaar, singing alone, ‘bekheyali mein bhi tera hi khayal aaye…’


Dekh Bhai, that beep-beep hits like hell out of you, and you might literally “crush”. “Karna hai toh ishq kijiye, baaki sab bakwas jaane dijiye.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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