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Cycle Computer: Small Device To Transform your Bicycling Experience

Cycle Computer: Small Device To Transform your Bicycling Experience


Cycling on public roads without a Cycle Computer is a nightmare. With the chaotic traffic, angry drivers who blame innocent cyclists for their blunders, it is hard to navigate the way home on a bicycle. How good would it be if there existed a device that could monitor our speed for us to prevent unforeseen mishaps? Wait a minute, you gave the solution to your problem!


Ladies & Gentleman, *fanfare* — Presenting Cycle Computers!!!

1. A Cycle Computer is a small device that displays information such as your speed and trip distance, similar to the information displayed in the dashboard of a car.

Cycle Computer

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2. What’s more similar to a dashboard, and how it is in front of your face for easy viewing? A Cycle Computer is a light and compact device that can be attached to your bicycle’s handlebar.

Small Device

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3. The first cycle meter was invented in 1895 by Curtis H. Veeder. His version of the cycle meter was a simple device that counted the number of rotations of the bicycle wheel.

Cycle meter

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4. Based on a predetermined formula, Veeder’s Cycle Computer counted the distance travelled based on the number of rotations. This was achieved by a cable that transmitted the number on the odometer, visible to the rider.

Cycle Computer

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5. “It’s nice to know how far you go” became the motto of Veeder Manufacturing Company and the Cycle Computer became one of its most popular products.

Cycle Meter

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6. A modern and basic Cycle Computer displays the speed, distance travelled, average speed and trip time. More advanced models may also show heart rate, temperature, altitude and power expended.

Cycle Computer

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7. Premium Cycle Computers also come with in-built GPS navigation. This makes bicycle riding more efficient. Some models also come with pedalling cadence and stopwatches as well.

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Premium Cycle Computer

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8. Cycle Computers usually come with LCD Displays. For ease of viewing, primary information such as speed is displayed in large letters. Secondary information like temperature is displayed using small letters.

9. The Cycle Computer also has one or two buttons used to configure what is displayed on the screen, reset values, calibrate the device or turn on the backlight for the display.

All in all, a Cycle Computer is a must-have if cycling is a necessary mode of transportation for you. It makes crucial information such as speed and distance covered accessible. Knowing your current speed can help keep you within a speed limit. Handy features like GPS navigation have made Cycle Computers useful in bicycling as a sport and recreational activity.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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