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7 Best Cycling Helmets For Guarding Your Head!

7 Best Cycling Helmets For Guarding Your Head!


Let’s spy about the Best Bike Helmets for Cycling, kyunki, “Sar bacha, toh sab bacha”!


As we all are already aware, any commuter driving on a road must take care of all safety measures and follow traffic rules to avoid unwanted accidents and safety comes first on-road, alwayyyyyssss!

Specifically, for two-wheelers, wearing a helmet adds an extra shield to their heads from some severe brain injuries.

  1. Strauss Cycling Helmet
  • Too light to wear along with great shape.
  • This type of helmet is mainly suitable for leisure riders.
  • Easily adjustable as per the commuter head’s size.
  • The product is available for kids and adults of varying sizes ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 1200.
Strauss Cycling Helmet
  1. Cockatoo Cycling Helmet
  • Ideal for all types of riders, the cycling helmet is available with 21 air vents that give you fresh air to breathe.
  • The helmet is ready to use for cycling and skating.
  • It has also got moisture-wicking pads for soaking up the sweat.
  • The cost of the helmet ranges between Rs 500 to Rs 2000.
Cockatoo Cycling Helmet

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  1. Rockrider ST-100 Cycling Helmet
  • The best feature: the product has a locking mechanism at the backside of the helmet to adjust your helmet.
  • Wizer present on the front side of the helmet protects you from sunlight.
  • For passing air and drying your sweat, many air vents are present on the light-weighted helmet.
  • The product is available in multiple colours and the cost is approximately Rs 1400 in Decathlon.
  1. Jaspo Cycling Helmet
  • The helmet is a multi-utility product ideally for kids.
  • It is a durable product. It has a very strong grip. So, if you fall, it not only protects your head but itself too.
  • It has got adjustable straps for an easy fit.
  • The foam used inside the helmet has an impressive resistance feature.
  • The cost is above Rs 500.
  1. Nivia Cycling Helmet 
  • The Nivia Helmet offers to sustain solid cycling helmet variants for professional cyclists.
  • The chin straps make sure to fit the helmet in place.
  • It has also got ventilation ducts for airflow.
  • The helmet costs above Rs 1500.
  1. Basecamp Zoom Cycling Helmet
  • Strauss is one of the best cycling helmet brands. 
  • It is a light-weight product along with adjustable straps.
  • The nutcase varies in head sizes.
  • Strauss cycling helmets are available in different colours. The price ranges from Rs 1000 and above.
  1. Airflow Cycling Helmet
  • Counted as the best cycling helmet for everyone, it has 22 air vents. Thus, it remains sweat-free.
  • The material has also got a shock-absorbing feature that saves the bike commuter from jerks on roads.
  • A cycling helmet is available in two sizes and costs above Rs 2000.

Blog edited by Ritika Gupta 

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