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Here, DOB Is For the Daughter Of Bilitis (Not Date Of Birth)!!

Here, DOB Is For the Daughter Of Bilitis (Not Date Of Birth)!!


Ab ye Daughter Of Bilitis kaun hai, jo humari GK ki bhi laga ri hai?

Relax, chillax, chill-out bro’! Do not be so self-centred. Tumhari GK ki nahi lagg ri. Date Of Birth bhi hota hai DOB, but do not be so limited when it comes to acronyms! The short-form, DOB, also stands for Daughter of Bilitis.

1. The first social and political organisation for lesbians, Daughter Of Bilitis (DOB), was formed in 1955 in San Francisco. It was an initiative by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon to educate people about lesbian rights.


Damn! This organisation stood up for lesbian rights for the very first time, fighting it all! You are not even standing for yourself—go get some inspiration, please. Shoo.

Daughter Of Bilitis

2. DOB was the result of two lesbian-lovers coming together to find people like themselves. The girls just wanted space to celebrate their sexuality (away from those pados-wali-aunties who cannot help their jaws drop if they see two girls kissing).


Nonetheless, they were pretty sure that the state ka central park was not the right place for that, perhaps. Ahan?

Two lesbian-lovers

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3. Daughter Of Bilitis soon became a social club, consisting of 8-womxn, sharing and discussing their issues & concerns for the ultimate solution. They shared their views on sexual-intercourse, safety, rights of lesbians & gays and protection from police raids.


4. Initially, it was a secretive plan, as police strove to exploit such organisations. DOB identified themselves as a poetry club but later on revealed themselves proudly: no more raaz ki baat, only mann ki baat, apne pyaar ke sath!


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5. Del Martin became the first president of DOB. In 1956 the first national publication on lesbian named Ladder was published: a proud and historic step–it received nothing but all kind of criticism.

Del Martin

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6. Phyllis Lyon became the editor of the Ladder, handling the publication across the United States. The magazine talked about the private space for women as well as a bar for lesbian-gay couples.


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7. The formation of the DOB became the response to the US Government who declared homosexuals-a potential risk to the nation that promoted police-raids on gay-bars.

Formation of the DOB

8. As it grew, it also opened up its arms for the gay men & women who fear to come out and stand for themselves.


9. Thus, Daughter Of Bilitis was not a radical approach but rather an intellectual one. It addressed women, their issues and rights (no matter if they are biologically so or feel like women).

Daughter Of Bilitis

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At that time, society was far more different than it is today. Lesbians and gays were treated indifferently. The situation is not much different now, but yes the acceptance rate is much higher than earlier.


So, if you are reading this: do not be that nosy-aunty! Go and support that pride of being whoever you are or wish to be!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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