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Desserts In Ahmedabad For Those Who Cannot Function Without Meetha!

Desserts In Ahmedabad For Those Who Cannot Function Without Meetha!



This blog covers desserts in Ahmedabad for those who cannot function without something sweet after meals.

“Itna meetha matt khaaya kar, daant gaye toh wapas nahi aayenge,” says every mother to her kid like myself. But for those who have a massive sweet tooth. There is no point in hiding it. While it’s true that our teeth won’t grow back if they get damaged, the fact that “there is only so much time before death to try every dessert in the world once” is right as well. So without further ado, here’s a list of the best desserts in Ahmedabad.


1. Desserts n Shakes, Vijay Crossroads

Commonly known as “DnS,” this newly-launched place is also one of the best desserts in Ahmedabad and is a chocolate lover’s paradise. With 100% naturally sourced desserts, this place has a lot of catalogues of desserts. Their thick Brownie Shake is a must-have.


2. Cocoa Drama, Vastrapur

This delight-to-the-eye bakery in Vastrapur is the perfect place for a light snack and trying desserts in Ahmedabad. Their red-velvet cheesecake is for sure the best in all of Ahmedabad.


3. Mocha, Bodakdev

Dubbed by many as the “jannat” for dessert lovers, Mocha in Bodakdev is best-known for its Chocolate Avalanche. A chocolate lover’s heaven, this place should be on everybody’s list.


4.  London Bubble Co, Bodakdev

A dessert that has swiftly won many hearts in the past few years, bubbly waffles filled with ice cream is a great combination. London Bubble Co specialises in bubble waffles, and every flavour is a delight to eat.


5. Unlocked Cafe, Navrangpura

This cafe is also a gaming parlour. You can play video games while eating is an excellent way to spend your day with friends. That said, don’t forget to try their Chocolate Waffles with Chocolate Syrup.


6. The Chocolate Room, Prahladnagar

This place in Prahladnagar is known for its chocolate fondues. Now, this is something that we don’t get to see everywhere. What’s more? It tastes excellent and is a definite go-to place for trying desserts in Ahmedabad.


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7. Le Artisan Boulangerie, Bodakdev

A place for the dessert gourmand, Le Artisan Boulangerie in Bodakdev serves desserts from all parts of the world. Not only the food, but the ambience as well, are things to experience.


8. Giani’s, Bodakdev

Giani’s is a name that almost everyone has heard/seen. Famous for their unique ice-cream flavours, Giani’s is a place one should visit at least once if you wish to try desserts in Ahmedabad.


9. The Pancake Story, Bodakdev

Not that popular in India yet, pancakes will soon become one of the most-liked desserts of the country. Garnished with a variety of toppings, pancakes at this place are perfect for your cravings. 


That’s it. If you’re a tourist or a resident, these places in Ahmedabad will make your life exponentially sweeter. Have a good time pampering your tastebuds. With this, I end this blog. What perfect timing, just as the dentist’s nurse ushered me to the dreaded dental chair.

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