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Dhirendranath Brahma: Artist Of The Stolen Art

Dhirendranath Brahma: Artist Of The Stolen Art



Dhirendranath Brahma was a celebrated artist with a unique style of writing. It is said that money and awards cannot define an artists’ legacy. But, what if they were stolen from his future generations? Something similar happened with the outstanding artist, Shri Dhirendranath Brahma.



“Toh shuru se shuru karte hai…”


1) Shri Dhirendranath Brahma was born in 1924 in a humble home.


2) For a substantial period, he taught at the Bengal School of Art that was started as an art movement in the British Raj.


3) He was a Guru to many seekers and was a great painter.


4) Shri Dhirendranath Brahma was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Bengal Government (started by Abanindranath Tagore).


5) Two of his murals are the pride of the Parliament in New Delhi.


6) These are namely, “Pushyamitra Sunga and Patanjali” and “Heliodorus with his pillar in the background in a court scene.”


7) Another one of his famous paintings, “Shiva and Parvati,” is an example of his style:

      The watercolour depicts the lord Shiva embracing his spouse.

      They can be seen performing ‘Ganjan Dance’.

      In this painting, miniature tradition blends with Bengali folk art.

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8) Just a few months after the death of Dhirendrnath Brahma at 90, fifty of his paintings were stolen from his studio (on December 8, 2016).


9) One of the most precious artworks taken by the thief was a portrait of Brahma’s spiritual guru, Biswa Pranabananda.



The case took many twists and turns. Lots of speculations were made by the police and the son of Dhirendranath Brahma. Isn’t the value of someone’s art, the hard work of his life, more than just money!? Do you think justice should be served to Shri Dhirendranath Brahma?



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