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Dizi: The bamboo marvel!

Dizi: The bamboo marvel!


Aao aapko btate h ki dizi not only means behosh hona! Want to know what else it means? Keep scrolling!

Not only Chinese cuisine is soulful there music is equally good! Aree yrr vo sirf bat hi nhi khaate! Well coming, to the point Dizi, or the bamboo flute is one of the most popular instruments in Chinese music. So let’s get to know more about it!

1) Dizi is the bamboo flute that is played horizontally just like a western flute!


2) It is usually carved out of a single piece of bamboo with cork-lined blow-holes.

3) It has six finger holes at measured distances.

4) The unique feature of Dizi is an extra hole between the blow-hole and the finger hole which, is covered with a thin membrane of reed and gives Dizi a bright, resonant and slightly humming tone.

5) The speciality of Dizi is that it can imitate sounds of nature. It can recreate the forest environment so accurately that you find yourself imagining yourself in it.

6) it was first seen in the Hemudu clan and was popular in the Warring States. 

7) Many techniques are used when playing these instruments: tapping, appoggiature, tremolo, legato, flower tongue, augment, glide trill, overtone and prong.

8) Dizi tunes include “The Golden Trembling Willows”, “Audience With the Emperor”, “Joyous Meeting,” “The Partridge Soars,” “The Bird in the Shade,” and “Scenic Suzhou.”

9) These are commonly available in the eastern states of India! Toh agli baar jao toh mummy papa Bhai behen sbke lie le aana!

Chalo! We have introduced a new instrument to you! Now you learn to play this unusual instrument and be all Krishan Kanhiya for all Gopis and Gopals!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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