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Driver license: the license to freedom!

Driver license: the license to freedom!



Today we are going to talk about a Driver license. No! not Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver License instead, the types of licensing RTO offers!


1) Learner’s License

You cannot achieve anything without struggle Kyuki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi!

      Before issuing a permanent driver license, RTO grants a learner’s license.

      The learner’s licence has a validity of 6 months. In these six months, the driver needs to brush up on their skills.

      The process of this type of driver license is online now!



2) Permanent Driver License

This driver license is that makes you the official Uber driver of the whole family!

      6, mahino ke intezaar ke baad RTO issues a Permanent driver license!

      One of the requirements of it is the applicant should be of athra-baras.

      The process of applying is online now! So Lazy you can be at rest!

      It is issued for private vehicles like cars and bikes.



3) Commercial Driver License

Agar aapko itna experience ho gya family ke sath ki aapne socha ki ab driving se paise bhi kama Lete hai this is what you need to apply for!!

      It authorises the driver to drive heavy vehicles.

      One can transport passengers or goods.

      To apply, the applicant should have cleared the examination of class 8.

      They are not only accountable for their own but also for the safety of others!

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4) International Driving Permit

Perhaps, you are the kind of traveller who loves road trips to faraway countries! Or you have the zindagi na milegi dubara dreams! Voilà, this is it!

      A driver holding this permit is eligible to rent and drive any vehicle in a foreign land.

      It can be only issued if you already have a permanent driving license.

       IDP has a validity of one year.

      If expiring, you need to apply again.



These are the types of driver licenses RTO has to offer! There are several drawbacks to not having one, so don’t take a chance. If he is also dating that ‘blonde girl’, you need to get your driver’s license ASAP!

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