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Ektara ki Goonj

Ektara ki Goonj



The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear Ektara is “Goonja sa hai koi Iktara”. But here, we are not talking about the song rather an instrument that is said to be the first-ever stringed instrument. This blog will give you an insight into this beautiful instrument. 



What is Ektara?


1. The Ektara was the first stringed instrument ever performed, according to Natya Shastra. Indians refer to any musical instrument with one string linked to a gourd, coconut, wood, or metal resonator as Ektara.



2. Each Ektara instrument may be categorized as a tata vadya. A musical instrument in which a string is vibrated to produce sound.


Ektara In India


3. The ektara, played with one finger, was once a regular string instrument of travelling bards and minstrels from India. In India and Nepal, yogis and spiritual travellers still use it to accompany their singing and prayers. This instrument is used to accompany the singing of the Ramayana and Mahabharata in Nepal.



4. The Bengal area, which includes Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, is home to a renowned set of artists that excel at playing the Ektara Gopichand. They are known as Bauls.



5. In Maharashtra, the Ektara Tuntuna is commonly performed during socio-cultural events featuring a group of professional musicians known as Gondhalis.



6. In Punjabi folk music and its current pop derivations, this sort of Ektara has become essential.



Where to buy ektara from?


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7. Ektara is a term used in India to describe a variety of instruments that were made for mystic prayers and religious chants. People from all around the world want to know where and how they can get an Ektara online. If you’re one of them, here’s a list of places where you may buy numerous Ektara models over the internet:






How to make it on your own?


8. If you are someone who prefers making their own instruments rather than buying them, we got it covered for you. With coconut and a few other wooden objects, you can create your own Ektara Gopichand at home.



9. Here is a YouTube tutorial for making your own Ektara.

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