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Electric Razor And Its Hair-Scratching Journey

Electric Razor And Its Hair-Scratching Journey


“Please use me, after No-Shave November” once said an Electric Razor.

So why not read about its hair scratching journey?

1. Shaving, the act of removing hair to maintain hygiene is practised by men since time immemorial. But with the advancement in technology, the tools have kept changing over time.


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2. The modern-day Electric Razors have replaced the usage of shells and blades, proving to be a boon to men by avoiding cuts and giving them a smooth shave.

3. The invention of razors dates back to 1569 BC. But, thanks to laws of oscillation, men got an idea to ease out their daily problems by inventing an Electric Razor in 1898.

Invention of razors

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4. Researchers believe that 1930 is the year when Jacob Schick received his first patent of an electric razor and blessed men with his invention.

First Electric razor

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5. With razors came cuts and blood and with cuts came the safety razor, invented in 1897 but popularised in 1990 by the King Camp Gillette. It is seriously “the best a man can get”.

6. The basics of shaving include a razor but the age of advancement introduced people to the trimmer and clipper.

Clipper vs Trimmer

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7. Aptly termed, a trimmer is used as a styling tool to get that no beard, beard look and helps one get that perfect raw date night look.

8. Next comes the clippers which look somewhat similar to the scissors and are preferably used to trim head hair, but can multitask and work over facial hairs too.


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9. A special mention to The Philips Company for not only inventing the Rotary Blades but also for being the best Electric Shaver in-budget in India!

Rotary Blades

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With this, the journey of razors ends, and we would like to conclude this with, “Don’t be the HULK, be the HUNK and shave the BULK!”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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