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Electrostatic phenomenon: School vali magic trick!

Electrostatic phenomenon: School vali magic trick!

  1. The electrostatic phenomenon arises from the forces that electric charges exert on each other.

  2. It results from the ability of electrons to move relatively freely in many materials.

  3. As friction removes or adds fluid from one object to another, the material becomes charged.

  4. Charge builds up on objects when they are in contact with another surface, a phenomenon known as electrostatics.

  5. The electrostatic phenomenon pertains to the properties of slow-moving or stationary electric charges.

  6. Coulomb’s Law explains the electrostatic phenomenon.

  7. Coulomb’s Law is an experimental law that measures the amount of force between two constant charges.

  8. Some daily life examples of the electrostatic phenomenon are Nylon clothes, Winterwear, Television screens, balloons, and comb.

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  9. If you’re curious enough now, then click on the given link to know more about the Electrostatic phenomenon in detail. 

Now, do you understand that the simple trick you used to pull off in school had such a phenomenon behind it? Har Ek chiz ke piche ek raaz hota hai bs usse janne ki shiddat honi chahiye! The mere tasks of your daily life have science behind them. It’s just a matter of being curious enough. Let us know in the comments were you familiar with this phenomenon? Science vale the kya? Also, let us know what tricks you pulled off with the help of this phenomenon. 

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