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Trust Esports! India Is Expected To Soon Be A Massive Esports Industry

Trust Esports! India Is Expected To Soon Be A Massive Esports Industry


Since the launch of PUBG Mobile and the rise in esports, every gamer in India and the world desires to be part of it.

But do you know how an esports organization works, how e-sports works? No worries, we are here to solve all your problems regarding e-sports.

  1. What is E-sports?
  • Electronic Sports is a form of competition or playing a tournament in the form of video games.
  • E-sports tournaments are organized in both single- and multiplayer forms.
  • The first-ever Esports tournament was held on 19 October 1972 at Stanford University for the game Spacewar.
  1. What are Esports organizations?
  • E-sports organization provides sponsorship to the player.
  • Their main work is to provide all the facilities to gamers, like Bootcamp, gaming equipment, a friendly environment and a timely salary. This way, players can give their 100% in the tournaments.
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  1. Difference between Esports and Gaming
  • E-sports is a lot different from regular gaming. For playing Esport, a player should have proper gaming equipment, should give at least 12 to 15 hours a day to stand out in a crowd.
  • Gaming is for enjoyment and fun, but for Esports players, you have a lot of pressure from teammates, the organization–you can’t afford a single mistake in Tournaments!
  1. Future of esports in India
  • In upcoming years, India can become one of the biggest e-sports countries due to its mass audience.
  • After the emergence of esports in India, new career paths would open for the Casters, Analysts, Tournament Organizers, E-sports News and Media Channels.
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  1. How e-sports boomed in India
  • After the launch of PUBG mobile in India, the craze for esports has increased rapidly in India. International organizations started investing in Indian e-sports teams.
  • After the successful e-sports settlement in India, International and domestic e-sports organizations began investing in PC’s e-sports athletes like Valorant, Csgo, etc.
online gaming revenue
  1. How to join esports?
  • “Bharat mein toh ek hi roda hai–” the only biggest hurdle to join e-sports would be to convince your parents!
  • The only way to convince your parents is to prove yourself by winning the majors and local tournaments in the profession. Remember, if you are exceptionally skilled, every organization needs the best in their team!
  • To join esports, everyone has to prove themself in the tournaments like dreamhack, ESL with your playing skill so that organization can approach you for the trails to join them.
How to join esports
  1. Source of income for an e-sports player
  • Esport players have various sources to earn. They get the prize money of the tournament, sponsorship, brands and streaming. 
  • E-sports players can earn a minimum of up to $5000 per month!
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  1. Games Played in Esports
  • Different types of genre games come under e-sports. Every game has its rules and esports regulations.
  • The majority of e-sports genres are First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games, MOBA games, Fighting Games and Battle Royale Games.
First-Person Shooter game
  1. Interesting Fact

Do you know that the international Dota2 won the highest prize pool money of 34.33 million U.S. dollars in Shanghai in August 2019? 

Ye, that’s what gaming is worth!

international Dota2, esports

Esports is not a child’s play but a real profession! You literally take a toll on your social life, glue yourself for 14 to 15 hours straight in front of digital screens, and you need to be highly fit mentally and physically!

Respect the game. Respect the gamer.

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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