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Which Essential Oil To Buy For Aroma Lamp?

Which Essential Oil To Buy For Aroma Lamp?

Ritika Gupta

Are you someone like our editor, who just loves to inhale fragrances of incessant sticks and aroma lamps?  If yes, then read some of our favourite and widely recommended Essential Oils for your Aroma Lamp!

  1. Bergamot Essential Oil: A citrus oil extracted from Citrus bergamia fruits, this is a hybrid of lemon and orange. It might help in relieving pain but can irritate the skin if not diluted.
  1.  Jasmine Essential Oil: It is a solvent-extracted luscious oil, used to lace desserts and fragrance beauty products. Expensive for a reason, you must go for an already diluted jasmine oil for your aroma lamp. Also, remember that it is not a suggested oil by many in aromatherapy.
  1.  Tea tree Essential Oil: Considered as antibacterial, this one is often poured in shampoos for preventing dandruff or hair-lice. It is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia trees. Some believe that diluted tea tree essential oil can also help in healing fungal foot infections.
  1.  Rose Geranium: This one is extracted from the leaves of the geranium plant (Pelargonium Roseum and P. Graveolens). It releases rose-redolence. It is believed that this oil prevents houses from flies & insects. Some also use it for keeping their face healthy, but it is not at all organic per se.
  1.  Chamomile Essential Oil: It is believed to reduce anxiety and stress. Some sources have said that it comes in two types, German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile.
  1.  Lavender Essential Oil: An organic oil, it is often used for aromatherapy. It is believed to be an effective stress-releaser. Mix this steam distilled organic oil with a carrier oil to experience a healthy massage. 
  1.  Eucalyptus Essential Oil: This one is much popularized by many. It has a natural, fresh and peculiar fragrance. It is good to take with steam if you experience coughing or nasal-congestions. It is also used by many people in humidifiers and diffusers.

Which one would you recommend to us? Drop-in comments below! We would make sure to pick it up next!

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