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Exploring Taals Of Uttarakhand: Taals With Mythological Twist!

Exploring Taals Of Uttarakhand: Taals With Mythological Twist!


Taals of Uttarakhand makes us wonder about an old fact that it has been considered a Dev Bhoomi, ‘the Land of Gods’. People love to visit Uttarakhand for its peaceful environment. The state is divided into two divisions of Garhwal and Kumaon. Today we will talk about the heavenliness of Taals and Indian mythology related to them. Fasten your seatbelts to notice the beauty of nature through blogs.



1. Naini Lake

Let’s start our journey from one of the alluring Taal in Nainital, Uttarakhand. According to Indian mythology, Naini lake was formed by the eye of the Goddess Sati. When Lord Vishnu cut her body into 52 parts, these fell on the earth. One of these parts, an eye dropped in the Naini, forming Nainital or Naini lake. Nainital is also known as one of the shaktipeeth.

Length: 1,432m

Depth: 30.3m

Boating price: INR 100 per person (depends on the season)



2. Sattal

One of the other magnificent Taals of Uttarakhand is Sattal. After driving for 43.8km from Nainital, we finally reached Sattal or Sat Taal. Sattal is a freshwater lake within the magnificent mountains. According to Indian mythology, in Mahabharat, king Nala and his wife Damayanti drowned in the lake. Sattal is also known as the Nal Damyanti Taal.

Length: 3000m

Depth: 20m

Boating Price: INR 220 per person (paddleboat)



3. Naukuchiatal

The next stop, Naukuchiatal, 58km from Sattal, is one of the other beautiful Taals of Uttarakhand. It is also known as the lake of nine corners due to its Shore. According to Indian mythology, Naukuchiatal was formed after the strong reverence of Lord Brahma. Naukuchiatal is famous for its parasailing, paragliding, fishing, rowing, paddling or yachting.

Length: 983m

Depth: 40.3m

Boating Price: INR 210 (approx)



4. Khurpatal Lake

Khurpatal, 36.3km away from the Naukuchiatal, is known for its delightful Taals of Uttarakhand. Khurpatal is named after the design of the lake. Khurpa means a ‘Digging tool’ used in construction sites or gardening. Khurpatal Lake is praised for its angler’s paradise as it has a good harvest of fish.

Length: 284m

Depth: 20m

Boating Price: INR 100 per person



5. Sariyatal

Buy one, get one free! After the visit to Khurpatal at a distance of 1.9km, see the site of the artificial sublime of Sariyatal. One of the compact Taals of Uttarakhand with a beautiful mountain view. Sariyatal is famous for its Himalayan botanical garden and water sports.

Length: 170m

depth: 10m

Boating Price: INR 150 (adults)

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6. Garur Taal

A long drive of 36.2km from Sariyatal, entering the range of Bhimtal to visit Garur Taal. According to Indian mythology, this Taal is connected to the Mahabharata. In Indian mythology, Garur Taal is where Pandavas gave their Dharma tests in which everyone failed except Yudhisthira.

Length: 286m

depth: 15m

Boating price: INR 150 for an hour



7. Bhimtal lake

Bhimtal is the largest lake in the Kumaon region. It is famous for its Aquarium made in the middle of the Bhimtal lake island. Bhimtal mythology says Pandavas were travelling during their exile period, and Draupadi asked for water. Bhima was not able to find water near them. Bhima hit the ground & underground water appeared at the surface. That’s how Bhimtal lake was formed.

Length: 1700m

Depth: 18m

Boating Price: INR 125 per person



Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhoomi for a reason. A lot of mythology stories are hidden down this land. You can travel through any route to visit these 7 Taals of Uttarakhand (the Kumaon region). It’s not mandatory to travel the same passage as mentioned. Kumaon Taal is famous for its natural beauty and lake site. And it’ll remain so if you’ll keep your environment safe and healthy. 

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