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Eye Primers To Keep Your Eye Makeup All Set, All Day!

Eye Primers To Keep Your Eye Makeup All Set, All Day!


Like face primer, eye primers assures that your eye makeup stays all day long, preventing your eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner from creasing on your eyelids.


In this blog, find all that you wish to know about eye primers.


1.    Eye primers generally come in a gel-like formula. Thus, it effortlessly melts on your eyelids upon blending.

2.    Eye primers are like a base to your eyelids. It absorbs excess oil, allowing for an even surface to apply eye makeup.

3.    Without primer, greasy eyelids can cause eyeshadows to get creased, making the application patchy, uneven or even disappear entirely in a matter of hours.

4.    Also, just like lips, eyelids frequently have a slight natural tone to them that can make it difficult for some shadow colours to pop.

5.    Primers serve as clean shades that allow all shadow colours to stand out (especially those with nude or white tones).

6.    If you are thinking how to apply eyeshadow primer like a pro then after applying your daily eye creams, squeeze a tiny bit of it onto a flat eyeshadow brush or your fingertips.

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7.    The layer must be thin and quickly absorbed inside your skin. It can make the area smooth and shadow-ready.

8.    Use active, gentle tapping motions to blend the formula into the skin.

9.    Start at your lash line and work into the brows. Remember to apply an eye primer down the bottom of your lashes if you are planning to use shadow or liner there. Then, let it dry and absorb for a minute.


Eye Primer is what you need to get smooth and long-lasting eye-makeup!

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