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Have You Ever Noticed That Even Fabrics Define Class?

Have You Ever Noticed That Even Fabrics Define Class?


If you are thinking about why you should know about types of fabrics, it’s because the kind of fabric you wear will define whether you are comfortable in a particular climate or not.

In our society, in fact, it also determines your class, profession, experience, and at times, even your personality. So, without any further delay, let us share with you, several common types of fabrics:

  1. Cotton
  • A modest material Cotton Fabric is obtained from Gossypium, better known as a Cotton Plant.
  • It is mostly seen in summers due to its flexibility and breathability. Accordingly, it also dries quickly.
  •  Nonetheless, it also gets wrinkled quickly.

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  1. Jute
  • An environment-friendly fabric, whose threads are obtained from the plant stems of the tree known as Corchorus.
  • It is one of the most significant vegetable fibres after cotton as it is globally consumed, produced, and is ready, and naturally available.
  • Jute is cheap, rough, flexible, and at the same time, firm as well. It is mostly worn in winters as it is warm.

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  1. Hemp
  • One of the fastest-growing plants in the world in Cannabis, from which the Industrial Hemp Fibers are procured.
  • No, Cannabis is not just about producing Marijuana! It is also about Clothing and Paper.
  • This particular fabric has many exceptional properties, like, it is more absorbent and environment-friendly than cotton. It is durable, chemicals and pesticide-free, antibacterial, and UV resistant as well!
  • Although Hemp is believed to be more eco-friendly and a more suitable fabric than cotton, it is still more expensive than cotton.

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  1. Wool
  • One of the most expensive wool in the world comes from vicuna sheep (the national animal of Peru) as the sheep can only be shorn every three years.
  • This fabric can be used for apparel, and as well as for home décor.
  • The vicuna wool ranges from $1800-$3000 (around INR 1,28,000-INR2,14,000) per yard, which means a scarf will cost you around $20,000(INR 14,28,000)! Now you know why fabrics define your status.
Wool fabrics
  1. Silk
  • A well heard of royal fabrics, such as mulberry silk, spider silk, Muga silk, and charmeuse silk, all come under this category.
  • Mulberry silk is one of the finest and the softest silks among these. It is also the most expensive silk around the globe.

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  1. Fur
  • The fur is one of the oldest fabrics, which has been worn for ages. This fabric is another lavish and expensive fabric on Earth.
  • In clothes and home décor items, the soft fur of animals is used. Fun prints of Leopard is another costly apparel.
  1. Linen
  • Linen offers both style and quality, thus making it another expensive fabric in the world.
  • It is expensive because it is woven, and the fabric is produced from the flax plants.
  • Although it is costly, Linen is the favourite fabric of many as it is light-weight and moth resistant.

All the above, and thousands of other fabrics, all come under the primary two categories, Natural or Synthetic.

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There are many other, less talked about fabrics, like polyester, muslin, and georgette.

So, now, as you know about six of them, which one of these sounds like your favourite? Or do you prefer any other type of fabric?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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