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Face Primer Is The Secret Behind That Smooth Angelic Face

Face Primer Is The Secret Behind That Smooth Angelic Face


If you have ever seen any beauty advertisement closely, you'll notice that the actor claiming to have remarkably smooth skin looks almost extraterrestrial, almost like having no skin pores at all on their skin!


This is done on software like Adobe, or a more realistic way is to put a Face Primer.


1. So, what's this magical thing, aka Face Primer, that can make you look angelic?

Primer creates an extra layer between makeup and your skin.


2. Okay, but what are some more benefits of using a Face Primer?

Face Primer is a secret behind your long-lasting makeup and even out the skin tone, making your skin's surface smoother.


3. Do you know that there are many different types of Face Primers as well?

Know about some of these types below:

a.    Illuminating Primers include glittering particles to give your skin extra radiance. If you wish to add some glow to your base then these ones are just perfect.

b.    Mattifying Primers is best for oily skin, as it helps to control sebum and reduces shine.

c.    Colour-Correcting Primers are tinted primers that can be used to deal with any discolourations, such as ashen, red, or sallow skin.

d.    Although all primers inherently make your makeup last longer, Long-Wearing Primers are specifically made to increase the hold.

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e.    If you suffer from dehydrated skin, then Hydrating Primers can add an extra coat of moisture with a special primer.

f.      RCMA Pre-Foundation Moisture Lotion helps to condition the skin.

g.    Pore-Minimizing Primers can help reduce the appearance of pores, thus becoming a good option for those with irregular skin tone and large pores.


These were a few benefits of a face primer, and you must choose the type, according to your skin type, and the purpose/need of the product.


Now as you know about Face Primers, which one you think will work best with your Skin-Type?

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