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Facts About Bagpipes That’ll Make Your Ears Stand!

Facts About Bagpipes That’ll Make Your Ears Stand!


Here’s an answer to “Why Facts About Bagpipes?”–

These musical instruments (as we know them today) were considered a weapon at once, as they used to frighten the enemy!


Here are some more of such facts about Bagpipes that, being a music enthusiast (or a fact-seeking nerd like us), you must read:

1. Bagpipes were composed of an inside-out of a goat.


2. The Chanter in the Bagpipe is never Silent!

  1. Famous people like the Bagpipes are:
  • Roman emperor Nero
  • King Henry VIII
  • King Rama VI
  • Queen Elizabeth II
Playing Bagpipes

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4.The Bagpipes belong to the Aerophone family (any class of musician interments in which a vibrating mass of air produces an initial sound).

5. The most played song on Bagpipe is A Flame Of Wrath for Patrick Mac Rimmon.

6. There are more Pipers in New Zealand and The United States than there are in Scotland.

7. The Bagpipes became known as both an instrument and weapon of war.

8. Pipers were banned from playing in Battle in 1915 due to the unbelievable Carnage of WWI.

9. March 10 is celebrated as International Bagpipes Day, inaugurated by the Bagpipes Society!

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10. Bagpipes, the iconic national instrument of Scotland, may have originated from India more than 3000 years ago!!


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11. There are 9-notes (G to A) with no sharps or flats in a Bagpipe for the musician to play it.

Dah! As more one goes inside Bagpipes, more and more facts about Bagpipes keep on coming up! Don’t believe us? Here another one:


The Bagpipers have become a symbol of grief for fallen heroes, especially firefighters and policemen.

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