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Facts About Nutella That Will Make You Want To Grab A Jar!

Facts About Nutella That Will Make You Want To Grab A Jar!


Here are 9 interesting facts about Nutella that will make you Hungry. The best part of mornings remains for many, cutting up slices of bread & rolls, spreading Nutella on them and munching it on their way to work. These facts of Nutella are for them:

  1. 70% Hazelnuts, 30% Chocolate, 100% Happiness!!

After viewing the tag on the container (and ingredients), one soon gets that Nutella is all about Hazelnuts (and lots of sugar).

70% Hazelnuts, 30% Chocolate, 100% Happiness!!

2. Nutella is derived from an old Italian Recipe with 70% Hazelnut And 30% Chocolate. (Coincidence? No! This is not a coincidence.) A different coincidence is that Italy and most of the Mediterranean area had plenty of Hazelnuts, therefore more manageable for production.


  1. Is their secret ingredient Vegetable Oil? Yes. Vegetable Oil is the main constituent of Nutella (Thus, Hazelnuts, Chocolate, and Palm Oil we have till now).

4. If you call Nutella, Chocolate Cream, you can be accused. It is true. Supporting Italian Law, you cannot say Nutella is a chocolate cream because it does not engage the elements for minimum cocoa bodies. (Hazelnut-1 Chocolate-0).


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5. Ferrero uses 25% of hazelnuts to supply globally. This implies there are around 50 hazelnuts in each jar!

Types of Nutella

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6. A lesser-known fact about Nutella is that there is a World Nutella Day held every year on February 5th, since 2007.


  1. For the Sake of God and all that is just perfect: do not freeze it because there is a high quantity of sugar in Nutella. You can consume Nutella after leaving it at room temperature until its expiration date.

8. One of the facts about Nutella is also quite disturbing for many: each tablespoon of Nutella contains 100 calories of sugar. There are 20grams of protein in the whole container.

9. Did you know Nutella is sold all over the world every 2.5 seconds. Why? “Nutella pyaar hai.”

Fruits and Nutella

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Get set for the day, begin it with Nutella, finger-licking-good stuff—Nutella is Love!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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