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Facts About Paper, That The Office Missed To Tell Us (Or Not?)

Facts About Paper, That The Office Missed To Tell Us (Or Not?)



“Dwight: Listen up. Let’s start… from the ground up. Where does Paper come from?

Kevin: [at the same time as Dwight] Trees.

Dwight: Trees! And where do trees grow?

Kevin: [at the same time as Dwight] Forest.

Dwight: Soil. Right.”



Well, who does not love Dunder Mifflin for its insights on Paper? But do you know, the actual history of Paper dates back almost 2000 years??



Here are some facts about Paper to make you say “Thank you” each time you hold it instead of your Phone (“is mein toh aag lagana bhi harmful hai!”).


1.    When the investors of China crafted cloth sheets to record their drawings & paintings, the Paper’s journey began.


2.    The Chinese first invented Paper from Hemp in 100 BC. They later started to use tree bark, bamboo, and other plant fibres to make Paper.


3.    The English word ‘Paper’ has been derived from the Egyptian term, ‘papyrus’.


4.    Americans utilize more than 90 million short tons of Paper and Paperboard every year!


5.    Above 2 billion books, 350 million magazines, and 24 billion newspapers are printed each year in the US alone.


6.    Paper is a Renewable Resource as it is made from trees and wood pulp.


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7.    The largest Paper-consuming country worldwide is China.


8.    A single Pine (Coniferous) Tree can provide around 80,500 sheets of Paper!


9.    Today, Paper comes in dozens and dozens of varieties, from Chart and Acid-Free Paper to Photogenic and Waxed; from Watermarked to Eco-Friendly and many more!



Such facts about Paper are often missed by many as for us, Paper has remained: “jispe, 0 aane par, ghar par jane ke baad, muh par Paper-Ladoo bna ke, vapis ghuma ke mara jata tha.”



In the end, the facts about Paper have made us learn that no matter how much digital we might go–Paper can never go out of fashion! (Sorry, Ryan!)


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