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9 Facts About Psychology To Tickle Your Dimaag-up!

9 Facts About Psychology To Tickle Your Dimaag-up!

Facts about Psychology

Facts about Psychology (field of study) is all that you need to begin feeling interested in the subject that can literally leave you delighted!

“Jo hum bolte hai vo karte hai, and jo nahi bolte, vo toh definitely karte hai,” and so, here are 9 facts about Psychology to tickle your imagination!

  1. Study Of Mind and Behaviour-
  • Psychology dives inside the brain and mind of humans, studying mental processes and behaviour.
  • The word “Psyche,” comes from Greek, meaning “Breath, Spirit, Soul.” It has a short past but a long history.
  1. It Is All About Facts & Science-
  • “Psychology is just about common sense,” is one of the prevalent myths about the field of experimentation and research: Psychology.
  • Backed by years of experimentations and a scientific approach towards human behaviour and mind, psychological research has bettered over the years. It has helped to demonstrate loads of “nonsense” stuff in terms of clear-cut facts over the years.
  1. Psychologists Go For Multiple Perspectives-

There are various topics, questions, and arguments in psychology that can look into several different perspectives.

Multiple Perspectives

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  1. Psychology’s Subfields-

In additions to a different perspective, here are some subfields of this field of study:

  • Clinical
  • Personality
  • Cognitive
  • Development
  • Social
  1. More Than Mental Health-
  • Some psychologists don’t work on Mental health issues. It is a prioritised area of interest in psychology, and no doubt, a much-needed one.
  • But, there are many other options for psychologists. They also study at the level of society (which is made of individuals).
Facts about Psychology

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  1. Psychology Is Everywhere!
  • The ethics of psychology can be seen all around in everyday life situations.
  • Applied Psychology is an intriguing realm of psychology. It is more about practical application rather than theoretical study.
Psychology Is Everywhere

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  1. Do you believe that personality can vary over time?
  • In long-term investigations of personality, some of the core parts of personality persist stably during a lifetime.
  1. Psychology Truths About Love And Relationships.
  •  When partners look into the eyes of each other, their heartbeats synchronise.
  1. Psychology Truths About Knowledge, Reasoning, and Studying.
  • Writing notes longhand, rather than typewriting them, supports you in discovering what you are notating because writing involves a different part of the brain than typing.
Facts about Psychology

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From depression to playing with the human psyche, psychology is one of the most amusing fields of human science.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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