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Fictional Books For Pilots Who Aspire To Conquer Of The Skies

Fictional Books For Pilots Who Aspire To Conquer Of The Skies


The following fictional books for pilots are for those who fantasise about becoming a pilot like Gunjan Saxena. Hardworking and lifeguards for the passengers, scroll down to read the 7 fictional books for pilots who aspire to give their dreams real wings.

  1. Wheels Up!: Tales From The Cockpit

    “When her dedication and passion results in conquering the sky.”

    • The book is authored by Priya Jain.
    • The book will take you on the journey of to-be pilot hardships.
    • From waking up early at 4 in the morning to attending hardcore training sessions, she fights all the odds to become a successful pilot.
    • Mostly, the couple used to meet at the airport lounge rather than at home.
    • A must-read fictional book for pilots to learn their hard work and juggling responsibilities is available on Amazon for Rs 299.
  1. I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime

    “What if pilot commits suicide while you are on board.”

    • Authoring 9 books in total, Priya Kumar is also a motivational speaker.
    • The story is about a pilot who plans to commit suicide while endangering every passenger in flight.
    • This is crazy to think of a situation like this in the real world.
    • This is indeed a “dil thaam kar bithane” wali story.
    • What could be the possible reason for the pilot decided to do such a criminal act up above the sky?
    • To find more about the fictional book, pick the book soon. It is available on Amazon for Rs 216.
  1. The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve

    “When your dear-near gets crashed.”

    • The novel is full of twists and turns.
    • Kathryn is a teacher in higher secondary school, living a good life along with her husband, a pilot, and her 15-year old daughter.
    • Everything is peaceful until one bleak night, she got the shocking news of the plane crash that was flown by her husband.
    • The air is filled up with tragic news.
    • The next she soon finds is about her husband leading a secret life.
    • How? Who is he in reality? Is he betraying her? To know each answer, read the fictional book that is available on Amazon for Rs 194.
  1. Fly With Me (A Wild Aces Romance) by Chanel Cleeton

    “Air is filled with romance and travel.”

    • He is a fighter, a lover and passionate about his flying job.
    • Noah Miller is a U.S Air Force fighter. His eyes are locked by looking at a beautiful woman he met at the Los Vegas party.
    • A boutique owner Jordan Callahan feels luck as she meets her 6-feet lucky charm.
    • Soon some unknowing things make their relationship hard to survive.
    • Is Noah safe? To find more about the love chemistry between two different lives, read the book soon. It is available on Amazon for Rs 580.
  1. Her Last Flight by Beatriz Williams

    “When a journalist eagerly wants to solve the mystery about a plane.”

    • The scene is all set in the year 1947.
    • Working on a biography, a photographer and journalist, Janey Everett, travels to a Hawaiian island, searching for Sam Mallory, aviation expert and Spanish civil warrior.
    • To uncover and resolve the world’s greatest mysteries, she faces many unwanted hard times.
    • Obsessed with Mallory’s disappearance, she discovers something in the Spanish desert.
    • Was it Mallory? Is she able to resolve the mystery of the plane crash?
    • To find more, get the fictional book to read from Amazon for Rs 860.
  1. Flyboy by Sophia Summers

    See Also

    “Ek taraf rules aur dusri taraf truth.”

    • The fastest Air Force pilot Colton Bushman considers the rule as the guidelines and a must-follow Dos.
    • The other side of the story is about a girl pilot Ivy Hatfield who writes a complaint letter.
    • After finding out about her, Colton finds out about her courage.
    • What will happen next in the 174 pages of the book? You’ll know once you pick it at Rs 941, available on Amazon.
  1. Broken Wings by Terri Blackstock

    “When it becomes hard to save someone’s reputation at your own risk.”

    • Mick Hammon and Erin Russell are the pilots of the crashed plane 94.
    • All die except Erin.
    • She knows the truth that the accident happened due to an error committed by her friend cum co-pilot.
    • To save his reputation and family, she is determined to fight back the investigating officer for the sake of Hammon’s family.
    • Will she succeed in her battle? 
    • To get answers, find this book on Amazon for Rs 1108.

Every mystery has a beginning and an end, like life itself. Get involved yourself by reading 7 of these thrilling fictional books for pilots.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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