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FN Souza Was One Of The Greatest Artists Of Modern Era

FN Souza Was One Of The Greatest Artists Of Modern Era


N Souza: ‘If there is no path, then I will create one.’


Francis Newton Souza was born in-state, India, in 1924. And would continue to become one of Indian most potent fashionable painters. He died in 2002, Indian modernist M.F.Husain paid a moving tribute to the creator.

 1. Being a small kid, Souza stirred together with his mother, from the Portuguese state (Catholic Colony at the time) to Bombay. He went on to attend St Xavier’s High School and then got passed from Jesuit Clergymen.

Painting By FN Souza

2.He later studied at the Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay. From here, he and twenty-one alternative students got suspended for connecting with Gandhi’s Quit Asian Country Movement.

3. Throughout his six-decade career, Souza experimented with a variety of genres and designs. His sturdy figurative following his depiction and series of black paintings were made in London (during the 1950s and 60s).

4. FN Souza co-founded the Progressive Artists Cluster (PAG) in Bombay in 1947. In the same year that Asian countries gained independence, he joined the Communist Party of India.

Painting By FN Souza

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5. He left for London in 1949 in search of patronage and a more liberal audience for his work.

Painting By FN Souza

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6. During the first years in Europe, Souza alighted on his style-a synthesis of western and jap techniques.

FN Souza

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7. Souza was first enthralled by the assorted sides and traditions of the Church–the implements they employed in worship.


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8. 1955 (The Primary Solo Show)- For six years in Europe, his initial wife, Maria, was the only real earner for the family. Souza struggled to support himself financially (through the occasional exhibition, commission-work, and journalism).


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9. The Black Paintings, which he began in 1955, has often been recognised to apparently portray his rebellious streak during the years.

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The Black Painting

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10. The meteoric rise of FN Souza in London was followed by a point fall within the late 1960s. It is said that this began with the beginning of his affair with 17-years-old Barbara Zinkant.

Painting by FN Souza

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11. While moving around America in the early and middle of 1970, Souza experimented with an additional vibrant, joyful palette and more energetic, gestural type of brushstroke.

Painting By SN Souza

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One of the greatest Indian painters of the modern era! (Mahan Kalakaar)

The ‘apex of his career’ has widely been considered he made in London. The works of FN Souza, created between 1955-1963, rarely returned back to India. Each piece has been high-on-demand amongst Indian Modernism Collectors.

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