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For Those Who Desire To Startup With Something Big!

For Those Who Desire To Startup With Something Big!



A startup is for those who want to push their limits. So, if you are someone looking to build your own startup, the first thing to remember is no matter what anybody tells you, ideas can change the world!



“Agar aap ek aisa product banaye jiski demand aaj hai toh aap late hai. Product vo hona chahiye jiski demand kal hogi!”


Let’s know what makes a startup a success:


1. Idea

a. “Bade se bada business…paise se nahi, ek bade idea se bada hota hai.”

b. Most of the startups in India fail because of an Idea, which isn’t just worth it!

c. There are thousands of competitors ready to overtake you once you land in the market. If your idea isn’t highly unique, you can’t dominate the market.



2. Funding

a. Hiring a perfect team for your startup is something that can only come with funding.

b. To launch a product, you need to spend a lot of money on Marketing, Sales, and Advertising.

c. To improve or develop your product, you need funding to proceed.



3. Company Name

a. Correct and unique name impacts the startup’s success.

b. Registering a domain name is a must in the world of today. For that, a relevant company name is again something you need to consider.

c. Don’t pick the name that is already registered and taken (Ah, basics)!



4. Perfect Team

a. Hiring the right teams helps to establish a startup for years to come.

b. A combination of team-skills, creativity, ideas, and knowledge helps to grow the startup.

c. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”



5. Interactive Website

 a. Investors, customers, and partners visit your website to know about your company.

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b. The website is like a soul. It is the very representation of your company and how serious and organised the company is.

c. It should be easy for the visitor to contact you from the website.



6. Competitor

a. Every startup company has to face its competitors, whom you should analyse inside-out.

b. Worrying about competition is a distraction and makes you complex for no good reason. So, learn from your opponents. Don’t worry! You beat them by knowing them, not worrying about them.



7. Product Promotion

a. An essential purpose of promotion is to make your product superior.

b. If there is no competition but a significant idea, you will no longer need the help of big-promotions.

c. Product promotions help you to attract competitors and customers towards your idea & brand.



“Jab khoon pasina ek saath kagaz par chapta hai na, table bed ban jaati hai aur office ghar, bhook pyaas bhool jaati hai, baal bachche rul jaate hai aur tab jaake saali company banti hai!”

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