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Forks Are What It Is All About Folks!

Forks Are What It Is All About Folks!


“Chhoori aur chokri dono he tez dhaar ki hoti hai lekin dono he kaam ki cheez hai.”


The Latin word ‘furca‘ gave birth to the word ‘fork‘. It is counted as a utensil that actually supports a knife to cut food into smaller pieces. 


Aur kuch alag andaaz: stabbing, poking and cutting! (NSFW)


Jokes apart, it would not be an exaggeration to say that forks relax your fingers, giving your surroundings a messy-free look. Know more about the Ws of Forks:

  1. Forks Ki History
  • Been in use for thousands of years but has not regularly
  • Forks are used to lift heavy metals or any hot pans
  • Most Europeans and Americans used the forks
Forks Ki History

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  1. Forks Hai Important Part Of Cutlery
  • It helps you to bring a piece of food to your mouth without soiling your fingers.
  • It breaks food easily into tiny pieces without doing jyada matargashti.
  • Good for breaking eggs
Forks Hai Important Part Of Cutlery

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  1. Forks Use Karne Ke Basic Table Etiquettes

“Chaaku-chhori tej kara lo”

  • Fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand
  • As per American Culture, when you are done with food, keep both fork and knife in the plane point at 12 o’clock.
Forks Use Karne Ke Basic Table Etiquettes
  1. Why Do Forks Have 4 Tines?

“Bus 4 silver lines jo akre aap ka khana-khana asaan.”

See Also

  • With four tines or prongs, the food is easy to collect food pieces with when pierced.
  • A fork with 3 prongs is used to pick fish-like items.
  1. Types Of Forks
  • Salad fork used for leafy salad food items.
  • Fish fork helps to separate the skin from bones.
  • The dinner fork is a regular fork that you find at your dining table.
  • A dessert fork or pastry fork is used to cut the edge of the dessert served to you.
  • Oyster fork has three tines used to remove the meat part from a lobster.
Types Of Forks

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  1. From Old To New, How Spoon-Forks Changed Things

“Here old is not GOLD now.”

  • Earlier, when a visitor at the restaurant ate food with hands, it seemed normal.
  • Nowadays, people visiting outside use a fork and knife to eat food to avoid messiness.
  1. Some Weird & Unique Forks
  • POPCORN FORK eases out to pick flowery-shaped popcorn without soiling the surrounding.
  • THE CHORK can be used in 3 different styles like a fork, chopsticks, and cheaters.
  • TWO-TINED FORKS are used for eating fruits or sweets at the end of the meals.
Some Weird & Unique Forks

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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