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Measuring Formal Sciences: The World Of Logic & Structure

Measuring Formal Sciences: The World Of Logic & Structure

Formal Sciences

Formal Sciences are the branches of science using formulated or systematic methods to generate knowledge, such as Mathematics, Statistics, computer science, game theory, decision theory and theoretical linguistics.

Understand all about Formal Science in the precise and summarised introduction below. Scroll!

  1. History

Formal Sciences started from the most ancient time from 1000 BC (Indian mathematics), 1600 BC (Egyptian Mathematics), 1800 BC (Babylonian mathematics). After Mathematics, Logic is one of the oldest subjects of the Formal Sciences.

Formal Sciences, History
  1. Difference Between Natural And Formal Sciences

Natural sciences are empirical sciences. Whereas, Formal Science doesn’t involve factual procedure. Formal Science is not a part of science. It is a logical system that we experience in the real world.

Natural And Formal Study

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  1. Mathematics

Numerous societies have contributed to mathematics. Mathematics contains various definitions, applications and meanings that help make sense of the world in & outside us. Mathematics explains the understanding of patterns in terms of digits and algorithms. Thus, it is part of Formal Sciences.


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  1. Statistics

Statistics helps collect, organize, analyze, interpret and present data so that it’s easy to understand how it works. In the sub-branch of Formal Science, the following approaches get used:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inferential statistics
  1. System Science

System science is the multidisciplinary field of science that involves recognizing and studying the system that surrounds us. The system includes Nature, Society and Science.

  1. Computer Science

Computer science is the study of the principles and uses of computers. Computer science helps in Algorithm process, computation and information in hardware and software.

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Computer Science

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  1. Information Science

Information science is also known as Information studies. In this field of study in analysis, collection, classification, storage, protection is involved.

Information Science, Formal Sciences

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Now you know how useful, Formal Science is in your daily life. Can you imagine our life without Formal Sciences?

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