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Fritz Lang – Facts about the Master of Darkness

Fritz Lang – Facts about the Master of Darkness

Fritz Lang

Hola Cinephiles! Are you ready for another Flick Master to possess your Cinema-Craving Minds? In this blog, we will explore the life of the Master of Darkness Friedrich Christian Anton Lang, aka, Fritz Lang. His trip to choose a Profession he would love to do for a lifetime was not less than a movie script itself.

1. Born in Vienna on December 5th, 1890, and raised in a catholic family, Fritz Lang was an Austrian-German-American Filmmaker who contributed to more than 30 films in his Cinematic life (more than 42 years).

Fritz Lang

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2. Fritz Lang studied Civil Engineering in Vienna but shifted his attention to Painting.


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3. Influenced by the works of Egon Shiele and Gustav Klimt, Lang developed his love for Painting. He travelled through Asia, Africa, and throughout Europe studying Painting in Munich and Paris. In 1914, he also got his Painting Exhibition opened in Paris.

Egon Shiele

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4. After returning to Austria, Fritz Lang was enlisted in the Austrian Army for World War 1, when he was wounded four times, which resulted in a reduction in the vision in his right eye. This granted him the Recovery Leave of one year in Vienna Army Hospital.

5. At Vienna Army Hospital, he tested his hand at writing Screenplays that stimulated his interest in Cinema. After discharge, Lang began acting on the Vienna stage.

6. After trying his hand in local stage shows in Vienna, Lang flew to Berlin and started writing screenplays for Joe May. He got his first break to direct with Halbblut (1919). This helped him to root his Career in Cinema.

Halbblut (1919)

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7. Fritz Lang first married Lisa Rosenthal in 1919, who unfortunately died in the same year. After Lisa’s untimely death, Lang fled from Germany to make movies where he met his 2nd love interest (she was a collaborator).

Lang marriage life

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8. Fritz Lang married the novelist Thea von Harbou in 1920. With her, he had been collaborating on screenplays. But, after having a busy decade at work, they both got separated in 1933.

Thea von Harbou

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9. The first sound-film by Lang, M, was released in 1931. It was based on a true story about a Child Murderer. M was his biggest hit and his personal favourite as well.

M sound film

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10. Fritz Lang again got interested in love after having a great time with his Cinema in 1971. When he married Lily Latte, a German-born actress and also his friend in their early years. But after spending 6 years together, their relationship also came to an end.

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Fritz Lang

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11. Do you know, he also had some history with India? The Tiger of Bengal and The Indian Tomb (or The Tomb of Love) were the two films Fritz Lang were made based on the Indian History of Maharajas. These two movies were then edited into a single film for the U.S release. They were also amongst his last films before he retired.

12. Fritz Lang completely lost his eyesight till his last film- the third instalment of Dr Mabuse – The Thousand Eyes of Dr Mabuse (1960).

The Thousand Eyes

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Although he died in 1976, he remains an inspiration for many Expressionists and artists.

He was given the title of ‘The Master of Darkness’ by the British Film Institute because of his ‘dark vision’ for making his films. His films usually are concerned with evil, violence, and conflict.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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