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From Bajre da sitta to telepatía, songs that need your attention for more than 30 seconds!!!

From Bajre da sitta to telepatía, songs that need your attention for more than 30 seconds!!!



Instagram’s new feature reels are getting immensely popular till it is released. Except for making the reels on various sounds, the most exciting part of reels is finding new songs and adding them to your playlist.


For being a music lover, finding new music and artists is always a fun activity to do. The only drawback is that you can listen to them for 15-30 seconds, but let me tell you that on viral reels there are some songs that need your attention for more than 30 seconds.



1.    Bajre da sitta

 You probably have seen this trending song bajre da Sitta by Rashmeet Kaur on every second reel, from makeup transitions to dancing videos. But do you know it was originally an old Punjabi folk song, sung by Surinder and Prakash Kaur? If not, please listen to the original version once. You get full-on Punjabi retro vibes.



2.    Levitating

You want me, I want you, baby!!!

And, I never want to end this song. Levitating by dua lipa using so much on Instagram reels and the only 15-30 seconds of the song lift your mood but go and listen to the whole song for power-house energy.



3.    Talking to the moon

 Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars is widely used in the new Google satellite challenge reels. But, let me tell you guy’s you are doing it wrong. Talking to the moon does not belong to Google satellite challenges; it is a beautiful song that deserves to be listened to fully with a concentration on the lyrics.



4.    Jashn-Bharara

 After Anumita Nadesan’s video on “Kaise khaye kya hai sitam, sochta hai ab ye maan” from makeup transitions to recipe videos the whole internet filled with reels of that song. But, maybe some gen-z generation does not know jashn-e-bahara originally was from the Jodha Akbar movie. And need your attention more than just two lines of the song.



5.    Runaway

 Instagram is filled with aesthetic reels of runaway challenges. And, do you know this was written by Aurora for the 9th-grade school project when she was only eleven. But, the entire song is worth it to listen to, it will give you peace with its beautifully written lyrics.



6.    Put your head on my shoulder

 Anyone ever thought that this new Silhouette challenge brings back the 60 years old song again in trend. Put your head on my shoulder by Paul Anka is the perfect banger, with its craziest beats and drops for your 2 a.m. dance at night.



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7.    Hadal Ahbek

Pa pa ra pa ra pa

 This Arabic song by Issam Alnajjar makes you feel “samaj nhi Aaya but sunke acha Laga”. Thanks to the Instagram reel for introducing this very pleasing and jolly song. But, the whole song just hit you differently, and you forget all the problems for that moment for sure.



8.    Everything at once

 As warm as the sun, as silly as the fun

 Okay, I know you got me in the first half. Fandom reels on all over the insta on everything at once by Lanka may annoy you. But, trust me, if you try to listen to the whole song it will be so soothing for your ears.



9.    Telepatía

 Watching all the reels on Telepatía by Kali Uchis is not doing justice with the beauty of this song. You need to listen to the whole song because kali itself says that “you know I got a lot to say”. Trust me you will get addicted to it.



So, these are some songs that need your attention for more than 30 seconds. Tell us in the comments if you ever find and add any song to your playlist while scrolling on reels.

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