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It’s About Fundamental Furniture Items For Your Dream House!

It’s About Fundamental Furniture Items For Your Dream House!

Furniture Items

Furniture that tells a story and furnishes the dreams. There are furniture items from which you can decorate your dream home. Some are as follows-

  1. Sofas

It is just love, love, love for every person. Sofas are also known as Couch–it is not just a furniture item but a place to open happiness. 

“Din bhar bahar se ghum Kar ane ke baad jo couch pr let kar popcorn khane me mjaa hai, Duniya ke Kisii kone ke Ghar me nhi milega.”

Furniture Items, Sofas
  1. Tables

These are kind of pretty much. Even in every house, these 2 or 3 can be available. Tables are the most basic and only furniture items that your offices deserve! Also, they usually date chairs.

“Raat Ke vakht Sbkaa ek sath khanaa khana dinning room ke dinning table pe, or ek dusre ki hsi udana -huzoor ye sukun sbko naseeb nhi hota!!!”


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  1. Chairs

It is a type of seat, one of the requisite items of furniture one needs inside a room.

It helps to straighten up your back, also an evening break for your back. It is the Luxury furniture you’ve always wanted.

  1. Beds

Beds are all you need to say no to your back pain. And it gives your body the comfort it deserves.

“Puree Din ki Thkaan Jo bed pe Ghode bech kar nind aati hai na, use jyada mjedaar zindagi me kuch ni hai bhai!!!!- undisturbed sleep”

room Bed

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  1. Desks

Furniture items are just like tables but are usually made to be coupled with only a single chair. These are used in school, offices, home, etc.

“Office me jo desk pe nap lete vakht nind aati h naa,uska sukun ek bichara pitaa hua husband hi jantaa jiski biwi ghar jane ke baad uskaa khoon pee jati ho”

room Desk, Furniture Items

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  1. Clock 

Furniture items, just like clocks, are usually used for checking time.

“Bhai jo ek baar time nikal gya, vapis nhi ataa. Isliye samay ki kimat jaano”

  1. Bookcase

Furniture item for nerds! These usually have shelves for organising and keeping books. Use in offices, houses, schools, etc.

“Bhai mere Kbhi Bookshelve mese book nikalte vakht apne office me Kisi ladhki see aakhen chaar ki h?”

“oyii hoyii uske baad jo Akhon me Sharam hoti h uspe kbhi gor kiaa h? tension mt lo tumhe vo bhavv Nhi dene vali, bs has Kar Chali jay gi!!!”

See Also

  1. Bedroom Dresser

One of those furniture items that mostly like to stay inside a bedroom! Wardrobe is another name for the dresser.

“khud ko wardrobe ke mirror me dekh dekh ke jo tum Apne aap ko shah rukh khan or katrina kafe smjhte ho naa, koi baat ni!! 

hotaa hai hota hai, sabke sath hotaa h!!”

  1. Ottomans

Furniture items that generally don’t have back, nor even arms! It’s used to store magazines, newspapers, and other stuff but has a comfortable seating space above them. They are usually seen in libraries.

“But, this can also make your room vibe acumen.”

Creating the att of stylish living is what items of furniture are about, right?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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