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Gaming Console: Perfect Successor To The Arcades Games

Gaming Console: Perfect Successor To The Arcades Games


What can be a perfect start to a weekend with some crazy console games? Gaming Consoles are the “Chota packet bada dhamaka” within a rectangular box. Everyone loves playing console games but do know-how console games were introduced?


Find here how gaming consoles successfully replaced arcade games.

  1. What the heck are gaming consoles?
  • Gaming consoles are electronic devices that output visual graphics on your television screen or computer screen.
  • For families, a simple word for a console is “Dabba,” with multiple games on it.
  1. Who started the pratha of Gaming consoles?
  • Ralph Henry Baer was the man behind the Console Gaming. 
  • The concept of the Henry Baer game was based on a simple spot-based game used in the first-ever home gaming console in 1972.
  1. Mechanism of Gaming Console
  • Most gaming consoles have a hard drive that is directly connected to your operating system.
  • The gaming console requires an internet connection to create your id to play the games. Most gaming consoles work on a similar mechanism.
  1. Evolution of Gaming Consoles
  • From 1970-present, gaming consoles have evolved in every sector: console size, graphics, accessories and price.
  • Nowadays, the gaming console is a mode, handy-to-use with 4k graphics that gives you the realistic feel of the gaming.
  1. Unboxing of Gaming Consoles
  • It always feels fascinating to unbox your gaming console and accessories. Most of the gaming consoles come in premium packaging.
  • The attachment with gaming consoles is HDMI Card, the power cord, a mono chat headset, the micro-USB cable(for charging controller) and exciting games inside the box.
  1. PlayStation Series
  • Playstation is one of the most selling console games, developed by Sony Computer Entertainment released on 3 December 1994.
  • Till now, Playstation has launched thirteen different variants. Playstation 2, with 159 million, is the highest-selling gaming console all over the world.
  1. Xbox Series
  • While the PlayStation was getting famous among the generation. Microsoft came with the Xbox as the challenger of PlayStation.
  • Xbox was a budget-friendly gaming console that came with different crazy accessories. Currently, there are 2737 games available on Xbox One.
  1. Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DS is a dual-screen handheld gaming equipment developed by Nintendo. It is one of the most selling consoles of Nintendo, with more than 154.02 million consoles sold worldwide.
  • New Super Mario Bro is the most selling game on Nintendo DS, with over 30.80 million copies sold.
  1. Sega
  • Sega is a Japanese video-game company that entered the gaming consoles market in 1983 with the launch of the Master System.
  • It has developed 10 different variants of gaming consoles. Sega sold 9.26 million units of Sega Saturn is the highest-selling console of Sega.

The gaming console might be a little expensive, but it’s still worth buying. Gaming Consoles can be used in get-together parties with friends and family. You can’t get rid of gaming consoles for good, right?

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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