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What is Gaming? Every gaming player should know

What is Gaming? Every gaming player should know


The term “Gaming” is said to have originated from the word, “Gambling”. Although it can be used for all sorts of sports/games, in present times, it usually describes the online interactive graphical games.

1. Gaming can be defined as the activity involving any electronic device like consoles, personal computers, and mobile phones for playing games, either alone or with an offline/online community of players, called gamers.

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2. Gaming can also be defined as playing under selected rules to compete and fulfil the decided purpose or goal.

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3. Psychologists have found that games can be beneficial for us as it helps in developing our brains. Yes! It means that, if you are a regular gamer then, your attention to details, ability to focus and multitask are practised regularly too.

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4. Other benefits of online gaming include interaction with the other players and the development of friendly competitive spirit.

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5. These were the advantages, but we all also know about the disadvantages of gaming: it can isolate you from the world around you. Long-hours of playing in a single-position can also lead to several physical problems like RSI and eyestrain.

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6. There are many types of games like action, action-adventure, adventure, puzzle, role-playing games or RPGs, simulation, sports, strategies etc.

7. With the advent of the internet, as the number of gamer has risen, so has its popularity. It has turned from a leisure activity to a full-fledged profession.

8. Gaming has become so popular today that there are two types of gamers: the casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

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9. As the games market continues to boost today, several gaming communities have developed on YouTube, Twitch and even social clubs.

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Do you know, gaming today is a billion-dollar industry, and the top-most gamers of the world like Tyler Blevins (aka Ninja) has an annual income worth 17 million dollars!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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