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Ghazal And Nazm Hai Alag-Alag

Ghazal And Nazm Hai Alag-Alag


“Jis tarah ek teer ke do nishaane hote hai, usi tarah ek shayari ki do roop hote hai”


Ghazal and Nazm are two terms that you must have heard many times in your life but do you know they are two forms of Shayari?


Lovable, peaceful and powerful are just some adjectives that strike in mind whenever one talks about Urdu & Poetry. It has many different forms, two of them being ghazal and nazm (forms of Shayari).


Let us dig the pot of Shayari to find the difference between ghazal and nazm.

1. In a Ghazal, a poet has to follow many rules while a Nazm is rule-free.

Urdu Poetry

2. In a Ghazal, each sher talks about different topics. No sher is in continuous form. No theme or story is followed. Nazm is like a story where all the shers are related to the topic. They are all interlinked together to make one story.


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3. In a Ghazal, several shers consist of two lines. The number of shers could be two, three or more. In Nazm, there is no limit of shers. The length comprises 12 to 186 lines.


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4. Ghazal is the shorter version of poetry, whereas Nazm may vary from short to long poetry.


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5. Ghazal kuch tukdo mein bat jaati hai. It always ends with the signature name of a poet known as a pen name or takhallus. Nazm Ek kahani jaisi hoti hai. There is no signature rule for the nazm.


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6. Ghazal is rhythmic and consists of two things ‘Radeef and Qafia’. (Radeef represents a word/s present at the end of each sher. Qafia presents the rhythmic words that give a powerful rhythmic effect to the poem.) In simpler terms, each line of a sher establishes a rhythmic tone. Nazm doesn’t need to have a rhythmic tone (also known as, azaad nazm).


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7. Examples Of Ghazals:

  • Ghazal by Jagjit Singh (the King of Ghazals)

“Jhuki Jhuki see nazar bekaraar hai ki naheen

daba daba sa sahi dil mein pyaar hai ki nahi

tu apne dil ki jawaan dhadkanon ko gin ke bataa

meri tarah teraa dil bekaraar hai ki naheen

daba daba sa sahi dil mein pyaar hai ki nahi

Jhuki Jhuki si nazar…”

Jagjit Singh

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  • A Nazm by Javed Akhtar

“ये वक़्त क्या है 

ये क्या है आख़िर कि जो मुसलसल गुज़र रहा है 

See Also

ये जब न गुज़रा था 

तब कहां था 

कहीं तो होगा 

गुज़र गया है 

तो अब कहाँ है 

कहीं तो होगा 

कहाँ से आया किधर गया है 

ये कब से कब तक का सिलसिला है 

ये वक़्त क्या है 

आगे पढ़ें पाठकों की चुनिंदा रचनाएं

Javed Akhtar

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In life, some moments are restricted and some are not. Similarly, in Shayari (generally known as Urdu Poetry), some rules differentiate between Ghazal and Nazm.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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