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Listen To Ghazal, Jab Ho Koi Fazal

Listen To Ghazal, Jab Ho Koi Fazal


Ghazal originated from Arabic Poetry.

“A word sweeter than honey, more delicate than flowers, like a design of a new sweater, fragile like a small nap, loving like chanda mama, pious like love. But, can be heart-wrenching like poverty and aggressive like a spark of freedom.”


With a history of more than 1000 years, it served different purposes at a distinctive point in time. It became the voice of freedom fighters, preachings of saints, a lullaby of mothers and a way of expressing love–and–even hate or pain!


Here are 7 Ghazal to get a hug from your inner solace:

  1. Jagjit Singh, Tum Ko Dekha Toh Yeh Khayal Aaya
  • This one talks about the thoughts one has after looking at his beloved. Singer thinks how life would be different if she were together with him.
  • ‘Zindagi dhoop tum ghana saya,’ makes one think about their favourite person, who heals away all scars and pain.
  • ‘Humne kya khoya, hume kya paya,’ also leads to introspective sessions to contemplate decisions.
  • It is that “sukoon” that one keeps looking for a whole life.
Jagjit Singh
  1. Begum Akhtar, Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qarar Tha
  • A beautiful heart-sinking ghazal where the singer keeps asking her beloved if he remembers anything about their bond.
  • This is the real OG that can tear apart your heart if you are going through a breakup. At the same time, it will bless you with that “meetha meetha dard,” as the music and voice in the ghazal are so beautiful.
  • ‘Kabhi hum mein tum mein bhi Chah thi,’ looking back to the time when two persons loved each other passionately but got separated due to any reason.
Begum Akhtar
  1. Farida Khanum, Aaj Jaane Kin Zid Na Karo
  • Just play this ghazal when your lover is going to leave after spending the whole day with you. They will fail to resist your request as it is the passionate persuasion that can melt every heart.
  • It is all about the warmth of eternal love, sharing intense romantic moments with your beloved.
  • ‘Haaye mar jayenge, hum to lut jayenge,’ totally reflecting back the void one will have after the departure of one beloved.
Farida Khanum

via youtube

  1. Anup Jalota, Pathar Bana Diya Mujhe Rone Nahi Diya
  • This ghazal can simply make your eyes wet and your heartache if you have ever been separated from your beloved.
  • The voice of Anup Jalota also invokes all the hidden pain of your heart.
  • ‘Tanhaai tumhara pata puchhati rahi, sabar tumhari yaad ne sone nahi diya,’ not only reflects back about insomnia but also the sigh of missing someone so badly.
  • So a ghazal is quite relatable and can serve you with the solace you are looking for.
Anup Jalota

via statesman

  1. Altaf Raja, Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi
  • The voice of Altaf Raja singing about the feelings of lovers questioning the other partner after breaking up, about what they would do apart from each other.
  • The lines, ‘Jab tumhe akele mein meri yaad aaygi, aansuon ki baarish mein tum bhi bheeg jaoge,’ is something to feel & wonder about your special someone.
  • But the music is quite refreshing, which soothes pain rather than serves you with good vibes.
Altaf Raja
  1. Kumar Vishwas, Koi Deewana Kehta Hai, Koi Pagal Samajhta Hai
  • ‘Tu mujhse dur kaisi hai, mein tujhse dur kaisa hu…yeh mera dil samajhta hai ya tera dil samajhta hai…’
  • A ghazal that makes everyone remember their first love. It is about that first feeling of being wrapped in the arms of someone. Also, that feeling of distance between two.
  • Also, how Kumar Vishwas recites this ghazal will provide the ultimate level of peace and happiness.
Kumar Vishwas

via dnaindia

  1. Chitra Singh, Khuda Humko Aisi Khudhayi Na De
  • This ghazal is rich in spirituality and devotion.
  • ‘Khuda aisa ehsaas ka naam hai, rahe samne aur dikhai na de,’ it is a way to sleep peacefully. You will feel more connected to that Supreme One.
  • Sometimes, feeling that spirituality can endure “sukoon,” that one keeps missing in daily messed up life of ours.
Chitra Singh

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So these ghazals will drive you out with strong emotions of love, peace, pain and even spirituality. “Sukoon hi sukoon hoga, Ghazal ki raah mein aakar to dekho!” So, just get ice cream, a blanket, earphones plugged and play these ghazals on loop.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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