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A Nice Gift For Proposing Is All It Takes To Express Your Haal-e-Dil

A Nice Gift For Proposing Is All It Takes To Express Your Haal-e-Dil


Thinking of a perfect gift for proposing to that beloved person who has been giving you butterflies for quite some time? Honestly, not everyone can be as thoughtful and romantic as Gopal to propose with a cute little bottle of rat poison. But at least we can try, right? So here are a few suggestions from us mortals to help you let them know about your feelings:

  1. Greeting Card

“Naina…mai jab aankhein band karta hoon toh tumhe dekhta hoon…”

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to express love as beautifully as SRK, even with a blank diary in front of him. Greeting cards can save you the effort. These papers are a great way to thoroughly think and jot down your feelings for your loved one in detail.

Greeting Card

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  1. Bracelet

Even Salman Khan approves of the fun quotient of a bracelet as an accessory. A simple and sweet bracelet for your favourite person with those three magical words can turn out to be an excellent gift for proposing to them.

  1. Flowers

The beautiful gift from nature has been used for ages for many occasions, from worship to gifting. A bouquet of choicest flowers, preferably roses, is an ideal gift for proposing to your beloved.

  1. Cake

This one is the perfect gift for those afraid about, ‘Mummy ne gift dekh liya to kya hoga?’ A lovely cake with flavours in compliance with your chosen one’s taste would be a sweet start to this journey.


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  1. Coffee Mug

If you both are coffee lovers, then a cup of coffee can start the romance, and well, it can also keep it going. A personalized coffee mug with your loved one’s name or their photo or a special message for them will do the needful.

Coffee Mug

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  1. Lamp

Just like they lighten up your mood, you can gift them something that lightens up their room or their table, at least (even if not heart!). But please, don’t gift something as bland as Nobita’s table lamp. A beautiful shade with a symbol or a message would be a lovely gift for proposing.

  1. Chocolate Basket

A sweet treat would be an excellent way to begin this sweet journey, and a chocolate basket would make it do! So break your gullak or your fixed deposit, get all the choco-giants like Cadbury, Nestle, Mars, and Ferrero Rocher on board. Pick your best ones on this mission to win over your special one’s heart!

Chocolate Basket
  1. Mini Love Scrolls

Now that you are making so many efforts for your special one, let them make some too? You can gift them a pack of those tiny love scrolls, for which they’ll have to open each one separately to know your Dil Ki Baat, and it will be a lovely sight to watch.

Mini Love Scrolls
  1. Pendant

No matter how many butterflies your loved one gives you, skipping straight away to “Varmala” would be a bit too crazy. You can start slowly by gifting them a pendant that would suit their personality. It will also act as a reminder of the bond that the two of you share.


Hopefully, one of these gifts might end up being your choice, and eventually, you become that someone special’s choice.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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