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Glass Armonica: the musical invention!

Glass Armonica: the musical invention!


Bachpan me sabne glass me paani bharke uss se tunes bajai h! Did you know that this concept was an invention of Benjamin Franklin? Glass Armonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin to produce some soulful music! 

  1. He completed his glass armonica in 1761.
Glass Armonica

2. Franklin made chords and lively melodies possible on his new instrumental invention.

3. He worked with a glassblower in London for the glass armonica, made a few dozen glass bowls. Turned to notes by their varying and fitted one inside the next with cork.

4. Glass bowls were made with the correct size and thickness to give the desired pitch without water.

5. Each bowl was colour coded by him. There was a hole drilled, through the centre, an iron rod ran through them.      

6. Rod was attached to the hole that could be turned by foot pedal.        

7. Moistened fingers touched to the edge of the spinning glass produced musical sounds.

8. After few years, disturbing events began to be associated with it.

9. Musicians began falling ill. They complained of having muscle spasms, nervousness, cramps and dizziness.

10. There were mainly two rumours: some believed that the high-pitched tones awake the spirits from the dead. Others thought the lead from the crystal bowls or paint was absorbed into the musician’s fingers when they touched the glass, causing sickness.

11. Franklin ignored these claims and played the glass armonica till the end of his life. Though the popularity never returned for the glass armonica.

12. The invention of glass armonica by Benjamin Franklin was never patented as he thought that “as we benefited from the inventions of others, we ought to be glad of the opportunity to serve others through our inventions, and we should do this freely and generously.”

This marvellous invention is still played and is a delight to hear! Do tell us what do you feel about it?!  

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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