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GM Diet: General Motors Diet Plan To Keep You Fit

GM Diet: General Motors Diet Plan To Keep You Fit


GM Diet stands for General Motors Diet, where GM is a vehicle company. The company introduced a diet plan for their sedulous employees to lose 15 pounds per week.


Want to know how they did and what this diet included?

Then let us try to brief it down for you.

  1. Instead of avoiding eating food, this diet plan made you eat different groups/categories of food each day for a week, which leads to faster fat-burning.

2. GM Diet is the seven-day long diet-plan categorized into food groups where each day its own set of strict rules has. 

3. Low in calories and high in water intake, GM Diet plan proponents, consuming eight to twelve glass of water, including juices found in fruits and vegetables.

4. “GM wonder soup” was consumed each day with a proportionate set of ingredients, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.

5. In GM Diet, each day’s diet has different meals, like Eat Only– fruits, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, banana and milk, 10-ounce [284gram] of beef chicken/fish, brown rice, and fruit juice and vegetables, from day 1 to day 7, respectively.

6. Beans, soda, alcohol, and other drinks filled with calories were strictly prohibited (unless mentioned in diet).

7. The plan focused more on high protein and low-carb.

8. The GM Diet is flexible on the meals and encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables.

9. As of now, there’s no research done to support this technique. Accordingly, the diet has its own set of limitations.

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Interesting right?

So are you planning to research this diet plan further?


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