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“Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier”–Par Kyu? Kabhi Socha?

“Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier”–Par Kyu? Kabhi Socha?

Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier

As much as you like showing off at the airport, have you ever wondered seriously about why goods inside the airport are costlier than the things you buy outside?

One can stereotype airports as places where usually “firangi, ameer ghar ki aulaad ya bijnis waale” flock and flutter. These travellers at the terminal do not seem to think about why goods inside the airport are costlier. They choose to buy from expensive brand stores. At the same time, the airport is rain-basera for many daily-wagers at convenience stores. But those are different perspectives, different definitions!

The question that you and I are seriously asking right now is: why are goods inside the airport costlier? Well, I know the answers that you need:


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Reason 1: Demand And Supply Is Why Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier

1. The quality of goods (especially food ingredients) inside the airport is expected to be as good as those present in the restaurants.

2. There are several limits on the inclusion of all kinds of materials. Thus, the supply cannot be purchased inside the airport conveniently at peak travel hours.

Airport conveyor belt

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3. A lot of money is spent before the material is purchased inside the airport. This hefty price is paid to carry items that are expected to be professionally packaged and thoroughly tested.

Aeroplane, airport

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4. Restaurants should provide ample supply to satisfy the need for too many customers at a given time. Pressure occurs because there are insufficient supplies. The same is the case at airports!

5, Thus the prices of goods sold at the airport keep on increasing due to the hike in demand.

cochin duty free, shops inside airport

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Reason 2: Retail Charges Are Another Factor Why Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier

1. The airport is one of the most exciting markets for retail development. This is the reason why more luxury stores could be found at the airport.

Disctrict market, shops at sirport

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2. Airport retail sells several brands of highly sensitive luggage, shoes and apparel.

3. The rental fees for the retail areas are high.

4. For fulfilling the craving for more profits, the prices are increased.

5. Thus, the explanation for why goods inside the airports are costlier is also high rent charges.

Reason 3: Captivating The Audience Is The Point Why Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier

1. Coming back to the food…! The audience for the sellers at the airport is that group of people that cannot leave the airport but have to wait & listen to the announcements.


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2. This group is not allowed to move out until the screening is done.

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3. Obviously, passengers do not want to die of hunger. They have no alternative but to have some food at the airport.

4. Thus, again, more reasons to make things costlier.

5. This is also the reason why there is a high demand for food at the airport.

Airport restaurant, pasta counter, pizza counter

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Reason 4: Less Competition Is Another Factor Why Goods Inside The Airport Are Costlier

1. The airport has fewer stores. When few retail shops are located at the airport, the shops set the merchandise price. 

2. Shops are flexible to charge higher prices without competition.

These can be said as four of the main reasons why the goods inside the airport costlier. Concludingly, for the distributors, it is expensive to manage things inside the airport. Products are sold at high rates thus to benefit the company.

“Chalo ji aaj saaf-saaf kehte hai, itti si baat hai, nafa-nuksan ka rakhna hisaab hai, aur sabkoo paise seee pyaar hai…”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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