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Grand Strategy War Games: Dimag Ki Batti Jala De!

Grand Strategy War Games: Dimag Ki Batti Jala De!


Now almonds are overrated to shake up your minds towards intelligence, and so, here enters the Grand Strategy War Games.


On a battlefield, all plans go to hell! It’s ultimately the timely executed strategies that help you win. Let’s understand more about this genre and further explore some of the best grand strategy games.

  1. What are Grand Strategy War Games?
  • Grand strategy War Games are the nascent genres of strategy games.
  • These are inspired by the ancient period when kings used their army and empire for the wars.
  1. Mechanism of Grand Strategy War Games
  • These games are based on your mind and decision making.
  • Most of the games are based on war which involves political, economic and military conflict.
  1. Paradox Development Studio Role
  • Paradox Development Studio is a Swedish base developer company founded in 1995.
  • They have played a crucial role in uplifting the genre of Grand Strategy Games in the world of Gaming. The company has launched more than 10 games in the grand strategy games genre.
  1. Heart of Iron Series 
  • It’s a Grand Strategy Video Game developed by Paradox Development Studio. 4 parts are launched under the series so far.
  • The player controls the nation to fight against world war II. There are 3 nations: Allies, Axis and Comintern. One can join any one of these nations.
  1. Field of Glory: Empires
  • It is a movement-based grand strategy game developed by Ageod on July 11, 2019.
  • Between the trending Paradox Development Games, Ageod came up with one of the best strategic games. The players have to manage their empire, construct and expand their empire.
  1. Crusader Kings
  • Crusader Kings is one more addition of Paradox Development Studio to the grand strategy games launched on April 23, 2004. Its series focuses on the growth and enrichment of its kingdom.
  • The players have to manage economic, military, political, and religious affairs and stability.
  1. Europa Universalis Series
  • Europa Universalis Series has 4 parts. Again a masterpiece developed by Paradox Development Studio in 2000.
  • The game reflects the timespan of 1419 through 1820. The player controls the nation, managing its economic, military, political, religious affairs and has to work on the stability of the society.
  1. Civilization VI
  • Civilization VI is a complete package of 4X and grand strategy games developed by Firaxis Games in 2016. It won the Best Strategy Game Awards at the 2016 Game Critics Awards.
  • As the name refers, the goal is to do civilization of the kingdom under different situations.
  1. Benefits Of Playing Grand Strategy War Games
  • Grand strategy war games increase your knowledge of ancient times and how empires in the old times used to function.
  • These games also help you in developing your decision-making skills.

Just like how the young Abhimanyu baffled the bravest of yodhas in the battlefield of Kurukshetra by breaking through the “unbreakable” chakraviyu–challenge yourselves on the battlefields of Grand Strategy War Games to test your leadership, creative and intellectual skills!


Grand strategy war games can be a boring genre for many people due to their storyline and graphics but trust us, once you enter this genre, you will get addicted to these games. 

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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